DataXchain: Blockchain Based Decentralized Data Trade Service

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In our time of digital development, people's lives have changed a lot. Various social networks, Internet services, online stores began to appear, and there was an opportunity to learn any information without leaving home. But at the same time in various social networks or applications you are asked to enter your personal data for the safety of your data, no one is responsible, and scammers use it. People are used to these stages of registration and do not even notice that the data is provided to various organizations without our consent, for their own benefit. DataXchain is a unique system that allows different users to sell their personal data, as well as their photos and videos.

Project objective

DataXchain is a blockchain platform for decentralized data trading. According to the company's plan, decentralization will help to create a new form of data exchange, in which the full rights to their own information belong to the person himself, not corporations, as now. All transactions within the platform are carried out through DXCT tokens with subsequent entry into the blockchain, necessary to confirm the fact of data transfer. As a result, each user will be able to create their own information assets and receive dividends from their conscious sale, that is, the mission of the platform is to create a fair data sale system, as well as to protect the ownership of personal information.



The main parties involved in the ecosystem are the owners of personal data, users of this data, as well as the participants (wholesale buyers of data) of the platform. Each of these contractors receives a benefit from participating in DataXchain:

  • Information holder. This is any user who puts the results of their own intellectual activity for sale, or their personal data.
  • Users of the data. These are individuals, legal entities or public organizations, government agencies that use user data for their own legitimate purposes.
  • Users of the platform. The main task of this party is to create significant data trade turnover. They will buy large amounts of data in bulk and then resell them smaller batches.

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The main source of income of the platform is a Commission fee charged at the time of the transaction between the owner of the information and the user of the data. In this case, the Commission is divided as follows:

  • Half goes to DataXchain and needed to Finance operation of the company.
  • The second half goes to the Tobelet Foundation and is used for maximum promotion of DataXchain, charity and other purposes.


This is a great idea to create a system in which it is possible to sell your personal data, photos, videos, audio recordings, companies that are interested in this. Data owners will receive additional income, and companies or stakeholders will be able to buy the images or data they need, profitable and at a low price. Also in this project, new information technologies are introduced that allow you to exchange data in a convenient format, and thanks to the blockchain technology make this process transparent and safe. I think this project is interesting for investment, in the long term the value of the token can grow strongly.


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Token Sale details

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A great option for earnings on the photo, I, as a photographer is very interesting