Korean sleeping giant - Eden Chain ICO

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ICO market is not easy nowadays. You have to invest in the top projects to achieve good profits right after listing.

Platforms, protocols, infrastructure.

EdenChain is a new Korean platform for smart contracts.

I couldn't stress it anymore. It as every hype actor you need.

Korean projects are doing well no argue with that. Just look at ICON.

It's a platform - check. With only $24m cap!

Highly experienced team full of ,,all stars" with connections all over Korea, companies, universities etc.

They are actively building a big community using Korean networks, western community yet to be built that's why you are early here.

It is a Blockchain Platform Technology for Edenchain's Implementation of Programmable Economy. Through Edenchain, capitalize tangible/ intangible values, and trade it safely, cost efficiently, and fast It could be used easily by company/organization/individual who need a blockchain technology and coin

It means they will have a huge community in Korea and will easily reach all the exchanges we want (Huobi, Okex, Binance etc).

It is still low key and the hype is building up so you are very early to know about it, thanks to me as always.

You can sign up for the updates, or inquire for the private resale (min. is 10,000 USD).

EdenChain characteristics:


HelloEden is the first ICO platform targeting Korean Market. Edenchain will provide ICO coin release, marketing, and investment, a total service on the basis of a platform. We have partnered up with the number one Tech PR/ Marketing Firm M&K in Korea.



Cleandeal is a B2B open-market platform, ran by YT Corp. that has supply agreement with Hyungji Corp., KHMA(Korea Housing Management Association) Org.,Embrain Corp.. Edenchain platform provides coin and Blockchain technology that is needed for B2B service for Cleandeal.


MyCreditChain is an affiliated company of number one Pintech Firm Finger, providing P2P financial service. This company is using Edenchain Platform to provide coins and Blockchain Technology to provide P2P service.

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Existing blockchain technology is not safe from hacker threats such as data forgery, corruption, hijacking, etc., when smart contracts interwork with external systems. EdenChain's Secure Interoperability technology provides an environment in which smart contracts can securely interwork with external systems.



EdenChain can process large volumes of transactions quickly. Namespace technology allows high-performance processing because it separates unrelated transactions into separate spaces and executes transactions in parallel. As transactions increase, the processing environment is organized by Namespace to maintain optimal performance at all times.



For existing smart contracts, processing costs are charged for each function based on prices of cryptocurrencies, and thus the processing costs are high. However, EdenChain's processing costs are inexpensive because it charges according to the number of executions regardless of the processing by function. It was also designed flexibly to keep the processing costs at a reasonable level.

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In my opinion this is one of the top projects you can invest in this ICO winter. I expect it to at least 5x immediately and that's why:

  • another core tech blockchain project
  • market love every big tech from Korea
  • very low cap of $24m
  • it's easy to shill and will get many influencers
  • great team

Website: http://edenchain.io

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Found a pool now time to invest..

This looks big


yeah big commercial

Thanks for the heads up! Korea is one of the biggest market for crypto, so it can be really popular project.

im fairly new at this game, but I have a question. When you buy into an ICO that you believe in, do you buy in, only to sell out if it hits the market on the profit side of your investment, or do you Hodl , if you believe in the project? I have bought coins, and then sold them on the upswing, only to buy back in when things settled back on the downside. Is this what you’re suggesting about buying into ICOs? Is it get in early and reap the benefits of early ownership, and the take out the profit and move on, or wait for the right moment to buy back in? I’m looking for direction, because this crypto world is new to me, but it excites me, and keeps me very motivated. Thanks for the post. 👍


Depending on the project, but take profits as much as you can. Hold coins that you are truly believing they will be worth many times more in one year from now.

i'm still deciding edenchain or hycon?


Too late for Hycon bro...

Good review

When is it?

Hi David,
Can you please provide your contact details.
Vipul Patel

"it's easy to shill and will get many influencers"

LOL - I appreciate the honesty

I saw you did a comment on steemit last year, saying that you were struggling to get money over here, and now look at you!, can you give me an advice? im new over here. maybe you can check out my posts :)