Simon Cocking – a New Advisor In Datarius❗

in ico •  last year 

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The professional team of the Datarius Cryptobank advisors has got another IT and blockchain expert, Simon Cocking.
Simon has got 20 years of working in IT projects around the world, teaching at the Dublin Institute of Technology, consulting various startups under his belt. Since August 2017, Simon has been working as a lead editor of the popular portal about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies

In 2016, Simon was named one of the three most significant persons in the sphere of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Fintech. In 2017 he was also included in list of the most influential people in the Blockchain industry.

We are confident that Simon Cocking’s knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and commitment to integrate blockchain into many spheres of human activity will help the Datarius Bank become important and integral part of people’s lives around the world.

We welcome to the Datarius Cryptobank Simon Cocking!👏

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