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The advertising era has undergone a very significant change lately. Formerly information technology in the form of print and electronic media such as newspaper, magazines, radio, television is very helpful in order to marketing the products of all companies. Dizaman is now the method of advertising using these media out loud because there is a more promising media by providing an offer to reach all communities in any world, namely online digital media. through this medium the company offered an audience of up to 3.03 billion per day. A very large number and certainly provide a promising profit opportunity.

However, nowadays to reach that number is very difficult. Recent research shows that 47% of online media users are now using ad blocking software. That number is twice as much as the previous year. Another 36% of traffic created from the PPC (pay per click) advertising method is suspected and is very inhumane because it does not provide a returning effect of a company's earnings that is worth the effort spent in advertising the product. From this many companies are looking for new ways to advertise their products and services in order to improve the company's productivity. One of them is on the rise and able to provide visitors up to 3.03 billion is a social media such as youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, and others.

The above way is also called Influencer Marketing. Influencer Marketing is proven to give a return effect in the form of 80% more effective than other online advertising methods. Influencer Marketing Strategy has been run from the past by game and entertainment companies proved to give a tremendous return effect. Even now many small entrepreneurs are willing to pay bloggers or artists who have influence on potential consumers to advertise their products. This means that online advertising efforts based on Influencer Marketing provide tremendous opportunities today.


Is a company that offers digital advertising methods with an integrated and decentralized Influencer Marketing strategy with a blockchain system. With their core team knowledge and expertise in the areas of entertainment, marketing, analysis and product development, they have a clear vision of how to implement Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies in a day-to-day solution that will address market needs and help develop them. , exponentially. They are building SocialMedia.Market a first decentralized ecosystem that finds, makes, conducts, and analyzes advertising campaigns with social media influencers on any social network. Blockchain technology will make it easier to integrate between advertisers and publishers and lower costs for all parties involved. This will create a 100% secure and transparent competitive marketplace, creating opportunities for thousands of influencers and brands worldwide to shape targeted audience exposure, engaging consumers in the most relevant way. will help boost the advertising market to the next level and take substantial market share quickly because crypto technology and Blockchain technology become mainstream in the next few years.

Here are some things that used as selling point as the best influencer marketing services provider:

  1. TRANSPAREN and a competitive market through various large social media platforms,
    such as: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  2. REDUCING operational costs and costs while working with Influencer campaigns.

  3. ACCESSIBLE and easy to use, even for small businesses and influencers in the early stages.

  4. SMART PARTNER for various users with the ability to make smart contracts
    tailored to the specific needs of using templates and smart tips as a Solution
    fair competition based on a decentralized Blockchain technology.

  5. SATISFACTORY RESULTS, smart planning with fast analysis and Data science.

  6. GLOBAL GLOBAL MARKET enables projects to gain greater market share, higher diversity and not dependent on local regulations.


From the previous we have discussed a lot about with influencer marketing services. Actually pengetian from influencer marketing itself apasih? Lest it was discussed agan-agan still do not understand too, wahh can danger ya. Okedeh ane little explanation let me be able to understand and provide new knowledge. Influencer Marketing, defined as a form of marketing where focus is placed on influential people rather than the overall target market. Influential people or influencers can be described as someone who has the power to motivate followers in the industry where the decision to buy them is noticed.

The use of social media marketing has exploded over the last few years. Famous brands and small businesses are well aware of the potential reach and engagement opportunities provided by social media channels. Analyzing the following statistics: consumer purchasing decisions, the rise of digital advertising and social media, increased use of advertising inhibitors, and others, it became clear that today's influencers are some of the most valuable media and media available.

Businesspeople can push for a more optimal marketing channel plan by utilizing Influencer Marketing, and will be more likely to reach their target audience and generate greater ROI (revenue). There are many types of influencers: from industry bloggers with good content and great site traffic to regular Twitter members with great followers. Celebrities, journalists, analysts, thought leaders, brand journalists, platform-specific, can also be influencers.

Just information nih yahh gan. supported by teams that have very experienced in their field. So agan-agan not to worry about the success that will be achieved. I am sure this project will be a great success. Here is a list of teams that support this project.


How guys?
The concept is mature, experienced team, and supported by products that are the primary needs today. If you want to support this project, it happens that they will hold ICO which will be divided into two phases where the first phase will start about 13 days since this article ane publish. Get ready yahh gan, siapin a lot of funds to support their ICO project to be successful and able to walk support a new marketing system that gives a very positive impact. Here's the ICO details:

token sale.jpg

The first phase of ICO will commence from 16 November 2017 to 20 Novemver 2017. 14 days before the 1st stage ICO begins pre-sale will be held including today with a bonus of 30% of the purchase. The price of the SMT token is priced at 1 ETH equal to 800 SMT. Return to first stage ICO. The bonus will be given on the first phase of the ICO is the first day 10%, the second day 7%, the third day 5%, the fourth day 3%. Minimum sales target in first phase ICO is 3 million SMTs and its maximum target is 30 million SMT. If the first stage does not reach the maximum target, the remaining token will be available for the second phase, and if it does not reach the minimum target, the funds will be returned to the investor.

What about second stage ICO?

The second phase of ICO will be implemented in the second quarter of 2018. The maximum target is 50 million SMT tokens at a price of 1 ETH equal to 700 SMT tokens. Related time and bonus will be announced further when the time is approaching the second quarter of 2018. As a note of course, the minimum purchase is 0001 ETH and the maximum is unlimited. Purchases are received in the form of ETH and BTC coins.

Okay, this may be enough so it's our discussion about Until we come back here with the warmly discussed ICO info which surely provides a huge profit potential. As usual ane for the link below as a reference for agan-agan looking for more complete and more complete information.

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