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If previously said "Who owns the information - he owns the world", now the world is owned by someone who uses modern high-tech solutions. And what happens if these solutions are combined? The international team of professionals of the "OSA decentralized" pondered over this issue. They combined the capabilities of artificial intelligence and modern blockchain technology in the field of product sales to end customers.

This niche was chosen because manufacturers, sellers, and buyers are trying, in one way or another, to reduce the cost of manufacturing, selling, and buying goods, and the developed technology allows you to track information online.

OSA decentralized is a young project that, despite its age (about three years), has successfully established itself in the market and allows solving such problems as:

  • Tracking of the rest of the goods (with the help of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, the system manages to effectively predict and not allow a critical reduction or increase in inventories).
  • Favors of consumers (data on the goods are accumulated in the blockchain registry, which is not available for forgery. Thus, it is possible to obtain up-to-date information in relation to consumers or a seller).
  • Waste reduction (every year, large companies lose part of the profits because of the waste that occurs when the goods are delivered to sellers or buyers. The logistical schemes calculated by artificial intelligence allow to reduce this item of expenses).

The following large companies are already using solutions proposed by OSA and are quite satisfied with the result:

  • Danone;
  • EFES;
  • Coca-Cola;
  • JTI;
  • MARS;
  • L`Oreal;
  • Sun In Bev;
  • METRO.

Why did this system win and continue to gain popularity? The answer is simple - it benefits all market participants: buyers, sellers, and manufacturers. All of them are united by one common system - OSA, in which, in addition to the already designated participants, there are research agencies, laboratories, IT developers, sponsors, authorities, and many others. All of them exchange data supplementing and improving the information that artificial intelligence processes with the help of the blockchain technology.

OSA decentralized uses the following technologies:

  • Artificial intelligence: to make the right decisions about the production, sale, delivery, and purchase;
  • Decentralized processes: increase the fault tolerance of the system;
  • Image recognition: allows users to receive information about a product and shares it with others;
  • Product catalog: contains unique and up-to-date information about products on the market;
  • Smart contracts on the blockchain: a computer algorithm that allows you to process incoming information about commercial transactions using blockchain technology;
  • Processing of large data sets in real time: to obtain reliable and correct information between all participants of the trading chain.

OSA token is a tool that is introduced in the system to increase the number of transactions as compensation to participants in the system for the information provided and the unit of account for performing financial transactions between participants in the OSA system. It can be obtained by entering into the system or purchased directly on the project site.

The development of this unique solution began in April 2015. In addition to team building, concept development, and initial testing, a workable beta version with limited functionality (MVP) was introduced. For 2016, the testing and updating of the machine learning protocol was performed, as well as the concept update and verification (POC). In 2017-2018, support was provided for working with large amounts of data, the implementation of blockchain, and the launch of OSA tokens. In 2019, it is planned to introduce a product catalog, improve AI, and strengthen B2B technologies.

To learn more about the details of this project, as well as to participate in the purchase of platform tokens, visit the official website https://token.osadc.io/en/ and read the whitepaper: https://osadc.io/assets/files/white-paper/white-paper-osadc-en.pdf?version=20180806183144

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