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 Every day throughout the world, the consumption of electricity increases significantly, and resources for its production will soon be missed. Therefore, it is not strange that the cost of electricity in developed countries has recently begun to increase significantly, which will certainly lead to harmful consequences. In addition, generation of electricity almost always harms the environment. Of course, many can say that there are nuclear power plants and green energy sources. But, nuclear energy is quite dangerous, and the green one has many of its drawbacks, because there is no developed infrastructure for this. And it is for this reason that we decided to talk about the Wpp Energy project, which will offer an innovative solution

What is Wpp Energy

Wpp Energy is a Swiss company that boasts an experience of 50 years. Can you imagine what 50 years on the energy market? Therefore, we are now considering not just an innovative project, but a company that has its name, great experience and recognition around the world

Principle of work and methods of solution from WPP Energy

The first solution, which was presented by WPP Energy Company, is to create a specialized container for processing fuel. Inside it, hydrocarbon fuel will be safely processed by the steam energy, without any polluting emissions into the atmosphere. Once they are converted, they will produce enough innocuous fuel for the operation of large power plants generating between 500 and 1000 MW of electricity. In order for this fuel to work as fuel, gaseous mixtures are added to it, including water vapor.Also, the developers have created WPP Energy mobile station, which produces environmentally friendly electrical energy. It is sold in a special container in a fully working version. Its productivity ranges from 1 to 2.5 MW per hour. For its operation, it will only require continuous supply of ordinary water. In order to sell the generated energy by the company itself, they will use crypto-birzhu, which they themselves created. The company also issues its own crypto currency, with which it will be possible in particular to purchase electricity on the exchange. This whole exchange will consist of about 20 different crypto-currencies, whose course will depend on the produced clean electrical energy. The use of Blockchain technology allows the company to quickly and without loss obtain information about the produced clean electricity from around the world. Due to this technology, crypto-currencies from this company operate. Its existence allows to increase the production of energy, thereby reducing the cost of electricity itself. The use of modern cryptology allows the company to achieve its goals

Why is ICO running?

Many people start to ask reasonably: why does Wpp Energy now conduct an ICO company, if it has such a rich experience and potential. The reason is quite simple - it's advertising and the opportunity to show your services around the world. That is, the company has a clear work plan and is ready to realize its idea according to the road map. And ICO is necessary only to tell the world about its activities

Why the Wpp Energy project will be implemented all over the world

Now the Wpp Energy project stands on three pillars, from the main ones I will highlight: Contracts and contracts with the government Already, Wpp Energy has concluded several agreements with the government of many countries. These contracts are designed for a period of 35 years. Accordingly, the company is already ready to fulfill the set conditions, which are clearly spelled out in the contract. And should be understood that almost every month new contracts are signed and conditions of activity are discussed, contracts worth more than $ 50 billion have been concluded. Can you imagine what this capitalization will be like in the near future?

Innovative approaches

The last and key whale of this company are the following innovative ideas,

  • An energy station will be created that is capable of producing from 1 to 2.5 MW / h of electric energy. This station requires only one for its work - connection to water supply
  • The production of energy will be produced from natural gas, which minimally pollutes nature
  • Now a solution is being developed that will allow paying for the energy supply of their homes after two years of active use. Due to this, each person can disconnect from the utility company that supplies electricity to him

WPP Energy Project Team

The team of this project consists of first-class specialists and inventors who smoothly move towards the goal. In order to manage such capacities and such a grandiose and global idea, you need a lot of knowledge and abilities, the good of this development team they definitely have. Let's look at the leaders of the WPP Energy project,
Each employee of this company has great experience, and most importantly - can offer unique skills
The leaders of the project are 11 highly qualified specialists, the staff includes such people as,

  • Rafael Ben is the founder and CEO of the company;
  • Grace Frich - vice president of the company;
  • Robert Kohn is the CFO of the company;
  • Troy Macdonald - COO;
  • Natour Ahmad - creative director of the company;
  • Jean Dube -_ Energy Engineer; _
  • Ziao Darmane is an energy engineer;
  • Mentor Shala - Director of IT Technologies;
  • Le Van Vui - Blockchain develope
  • Chanthai Sihabouth - WEB developer

Digital platforms

The company has developed two digital platforms, which will be implemented in the near future:

    The first platform will allow buying electricity at wholesale prices and will open many other possibilities. The second will open access to tokens, which are directly related to energy. Here they can be bought, sold or exchanged if necessary

The Conclusion

Wpp Energy is an energy company with vast experience that offers innovative approaches for all users. Plus, it is able to turn the world around and many countries are interested in its services. It is for this reason that we can say with all certainty that Wpp Energy is one of the most promising platforms in 2018 

Following more information;   

Website: https://wppenergy.io//

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4449273.0

Whitepaper: https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf

Telegram : https://t.me/WPPEnergy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WPP-Energy-575263249486648

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wppenergycoin

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