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Readers love to read, and ebooks make it easier than ever before to get our grabby hands on new books, in most cases: instantly.

People today are reading more than ever before. The advent of mobile devices and free eReaders has made it possible for us to read anywhere, any time. No matter what device you own, Android, iOS or Windows, every platform has some great options when it comes to eBook readers.

Ebooks open up reading to anyone with a device, and that device can be anything from a phone, to an ereader, or even just access to an internet connection by way of browser based reading apps. Since the advent of ebooks, most noticeably in the last seven years, my personal reading experience has drastically changed. I went from reading perhaps one paperback book a month (at the most), to a book every few days. Why? Because I’m lazy, and if I can finish a book, buy the next with one click, and have it on my phone in seconds, then I’m going to do it. Instant gratification is a powerful thing.

With you a #CRYPTO's #Enthusiast around the world who most use smartphone to work or research. ebooks is the fastest way to help you get new book from anywhere in the world.

Ebooks are a revolution in our pockets and on our screens. They help people who’d otherwise struggle to get to bookstores browse and buy from a vast collection of books. If you can search for it, there’s an ebook about it. They open genres to new readers. They travel with us wherever we go. The soul of a book exists in the words, not the format.

EthBooks is an e-book store focused on cryptocurrency topics. Publishers are able to upload their work for free in appropriate sections of the store.

In addition to traditional reading, if you have experienced new reading with eReader or tablet PCs, it is easy to recognize the progress of the internet to help you read culture readings anytime, anywhere, Just have a phone with eBook reader software or with a reading device that is just a little bigger than the hand you read that could have the bookstore in your hand.

Buyers on the other hand can search, review and purchase ebooks related to their subjects of interest.
The EthBooks store will be a one-stop shop for people looking for sufficient, detailed and quality information on various cryptocurrencies.
The platform uses blockchain technology and a personalized token (EBK) based on Ethereum’s smart contract eco-system for transactions on EthBooks.
The store will be web based as well as app based. The app will soon be freely available on Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Store.

EthSquad will also be incorporated, a system built by the EthBooks team to help in protecting published crypto e-books against piracy.
We also plan to introduce our very own EthReader that will deliver the best reading experience.
The price of e-books on EthBooks is decided by the publisher.
Publishers will be entitled to an 85% royalty on each successful sale. EthBooks will make 15% on each e-book sale. This will help in the expansion of EthBooks, marketing and staff remuneration.

EthBooks are targeting a sizeable market share in every country. With the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, the sale of e-books on EthBooks is bound to explode as more people search for quality information under one roof.

The EBK token sale is scheduled to start on 18th September and end on 20th October or when the hard cap of 42,500 ETH is reached. Whichever comes first.

The crowdsale currency will be Ethereum. During the crowdsale, you will receive 2000 EBK for every 1 ETH you contribute. Our softcap is 1500 ETH. If the softcap isn’t reached, all funds will be returned to investors.
A maximum of 100,000,000 EBK tokens will ever be in existence.
85,000,000 EBK tokens will be sold during the crowdsale.
10,000,000 of those will be kept as reserve.
5,000,000 EBK will be set aside for the bounty program, advisors and supporters.
Any remaining/unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO is over.
EBK tokens will be sent to you in less than 48 hrs after investing.
We expect EBK to be listed on several high volume exchanges shortly after the ICO ends.

Only 2 days to go and 2306 ETH to hit the hard cap in the #EthBooksICO! We have now raised 40,194 ETH. For 1 ETH, you'll get 2000 EBK. Rush! Let's go to: and grab some for yourself if you don't want FEAR tomorrow. You will soon wake up and find the price of 1EBK=$7 on an exchange yet you didn't buy during the ICO! 1 day to go!

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