Global Risk Exchange = Blockchain Risk Sharing Marketplace

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Global Risk Exchange (or "GRE") is a blockchain based, decentralized and open global risk exchange advertise, with the reason for helping individuals, organizations and relationship to access and exchange and deal with their risks. GRE totally reproduced customary risk administration tools(insurance and subsidiary contracts) decentralizedly, and will turn into the hidden activity framework to encourage protection and subordinate exchanges in the time of blockchain. GRE wants to build the foundation and trading stage for risk administration industry in the blockchain driven world sooner rather than later, by giving a key tradition to the production of risk occasions, evaluating, trading, information accumulation and prophets to decision particular risks. It will empower individuals and establishments around the globe to accomplish risk and return balance. It's where risk administration arrangements and exchanges are driven by genuine requests, where individualized and divided risk inclusions are made possible,and protection securities are made spry.

GRE influences a blockchain based decentralized exchange to help individuals in the risk administration contract, insurant(party who pay for premium and offer his risks), insurer(party who get premium and go for broke) and contract designer(who measures solitary risks and outline the agreement), execute and benefit from their own specific information and comprehension of risks. The market cost of the risk contract speaks to the market agreement and the cleverness of the gathering, which is the best estimation of the risk at the moment.GRE empowers a significantly bigger base of protection restrict suppliers other than standard insurance agencies and reinsurance organizations, which are brought together, immovably directed and capital escalated. Those new breaking point suppliers can pass on greater liquidity and information to GRE stage and can benefit from GRE by putting it all on the line on various sorts of risks they comprehend, while affecting the entire risk to exchange showcase more productive by chop chopping down passage obstruction for both insurant and back up plan, boosting liquidity and information stream.

GRE wants to manufacture the infrastucture and trading stage for risk administration industry in the blockchain driven world sooner rather than later, by giving a principal tradition to the formation of risk occasions, assessing, trading, information accumulation and decision. It will empower individuals and foundations around the globe to accomplish risk and return harmony.

How Blockchain Innovation Rethinks Protection


Everybody in the blockchain can appropriate customized protection needs, and influences thesmart contract to facilitate relating protection restrain, which prompts a truly modified protection insurance for everybody.

Deconstruct Insurance agency, Enhancing Productivity

Deconstruct a standard protection association into three areas: deals channel, actuarialability to outline protection contracts, and protection restrict. For deals channels, more deals are started by individuals needing protection as opposed to pitching to a social occasion of peoplesame thing. Acturaries in insurance agencies are allowed to disperse their own specific things on the blockchain and let the market figure out which one offers and benefit from exchange charges incured, hence bypassing dreary inward support process. By empowering any advantages that are equipped for giving protection confine, any individual,company or affiliations can use its risk esteeming ability to benefit and expanding limit as for particular risks.

Security and Character Assurance

Individual recognizable proof and property information is securely put away on blockchain, and responsibility for information is completely in the hands of the client. The most ideal approach to see individual information is through a keen contract of recognizable proof, and only those with private keys can approve others to see their unscrambled individual information.

Token Financial matters Boost People group to Contribute

All individuals or affiliations adding to the gathering are remunerated with tokens in light of the gathering's foreordained guidelines, along these lines giving the gathering individuals enough impetus to take an interest and to outline whole deal associations with the gathering.

Automative Claim execution by Savvy Contract

Claims on the protection contract are normally executed by savvy contract according to prophet, in this way barring human intercession in the claim procedure. Moreover, all premiums and breaking point are secured in the keen contract in the kinds of token and tokens are circulated normally by brilliant contracts, killing counter-party risks.


All risk administration contract exchanges on the GRE stage utilize RISK token as exchange go-between, and the settlement of the agreements will utilize RISK as well.

Clients in GRE stage will pay exchange expenses using RISK token.

Any affiliation or individual can make a risk administration contract on GRE stage after comunity audit and get a transation volume based prizes.

The social order will remunerate designers with RISK token in light of their code duty.

All individuals and affiliations can share contracts on GRE stage and draw in new clients to exchange risk mangement contracts and they will get a reward from exchange charge gathered from the new clients they welcome.

Exchange merchants on GRE stage can RISK as insurance to issue showcase pegged tokens, for instance, GRE.USD or GRE.CNY. This instrument resembles the BTS and BITUSD in the Bitshares ecosyetem.

GRE will create a total of 10 billion(10,000,000,000) RISK tokens in view of Ethereum ERC20 standard. GRE Establishment will be considered as the Initiator of all RISK tokens.Users could secures RISK through airdrop and digital money exchanges after RISK is released.RISK is an utility token which may simply be utilized on GRE stage for installment by usersto take an interest in the risk administration contracts and payout of cases or results as showed by prophets. Distinctive partcipants(insured, back up plan, and contract creator) hold diverse measure of RISK, as showed by their individual prerequisites.


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