Free Tokens! - Cryptogrind's Airdop Picks - No 76: (FFM)

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Cryptogrind's Airdop Picks: BTC SWIFT (BTCSWT) ..... .....

* This token is worth paying attention to!


The BitcoinSwift fork has been designed and developed to give all previous forks a run for their money, the aim for BitcoinSwift is to launch a reliable coin which is faster than the top 5 current currencies they have also added extra security to their blockchain allowing retailers to accept BTCSWT with ease and peace of mind, The average transaction time for a BTCSWT to BTCSWT payment is 27.63 seconds which is super fast compared to Bitcoin which takes on average 9 minutes for confirmation . They are are giving away airdrops as part of their launch campaign.



Follow these steps to claim your airdrops

  • Complete registration process and create an account.
  • Submit and verify email address.
  • Earn 10 BTCSWT for every referral at level 1 and 5 BTCSWT for every referral at level 2 + a percentage of their token-purchase.

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Good Luck!