[TOKENSALE]🚀CRYPTO.TICKETS: Blockchain platform for ticket systems

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Universal blockchain platform for ticket systems


crypto.tickets establish a unique blockchain ecosystem which will forever change ticket sales for the mass event industry. At the moment, the ticket sale market is surviving numerous problems, such as speculations at the secondary market, fraud and ticket falsification, incomplete sales and a lack of a consolidated tool for for the return of tickets. These are the basic topics for all industry’s conferences across the globe.

Blockchain technology forever gets rid of these problems, simplifies interaction between all of the market players and ensures transparency of economic processes, taking place in this industry. The Parties no longer need to trust each other as all deals are done right on the blockchain, and the interaction between them is regulated by smart-contracts.

crypto.tickets – is a new standard of the ticket industry, a universal blockchain platform for ticket systems, which combines three basic products: Tickets Chain, Tickets Cloud and Tickets Wallet.

Tickets Chain – is a blockchain solution, which regulates interaction between all players in the market. Each event established in the system is a smart-contract, which is responsible for processing the payments, the issuing and returning of crypto-tickets, for their transfer and resale at the secondary market – at the decentralised ticket exchange which works directly on the blockchain. The Ticket Chain is a universal solution for any ticket system, which gives it and its clients all the advantages of blockchain technologies.

Tickets Cloud – is a 100% ready product, representing a global system of ticket distribution (ticket system), which for already 4 years has operated successfully on the ticket market and will be the first ticket platform that will transfer all of its settlements to the decentralised blockchain system Tickets Chain, ensuring the token’s liquidity by the turnover of $ 2 million monthly. The Tickets Cloud team has a great experience in the event industry and is responsible for the implementation of the whole crypto.tickets ecosystem.

Tickets Wallet – is an online wallet (Web & Mobile Apps), which is used for a decentralised storage of crypto-tickets and internal tokens of the system: Tickets Chain of coins (TCN). Working with the blockchain has never been so easy. Using the Tickets Wallet, a common user cannot even guess that all his operations with the ticket and tokens are happening decentralised, on the Tickets Chain blockchain. A working prototype can very soon be downloaded from GooglePlay and Appstore.

We are happy to announce the official crypto.tickets bounty program details!

The total bounty program pool will amount to 2% of all the tokens sold during the pre-ICO and ICO stages.

If the number of bounty participants will be less than 250 active users - the total bounty pool will be reduced to 1%. An active user is a person who made at least one activity in the bounty program.

Learn more about the bounty program by clicking on the link below:


@crypto.tickets Intriguing put up - many thanks . Have to be terrifying to own this issue..

Thank you! This project will establish a unique blockchain ecosystem which will forever change ticket
sales for the mass event industry.

good project

Thanks for your interest!:)

I like your project! Do have preICO?

No we havent got pre - ICO stage, but now close sale is going, if you would like to take part in close sale it is possible to apply for participation. We will review your request during one day. Please, write a request to [email protected]

Thank you!

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ICO started on the 5th of October. During initial placement, which will last 4 weeks

Perhaps one of the buzziest of buzzwords for the past few years has been “Blockchain”. But for those who are well-versed in the technology and the goings on of the industry, it is definitely more than just hype.

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