Exposing Scrinium and Other Fraudulent ICOs

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My findings are below, thought I'd share for new investors.

I sent emails days ago to every scrinium email address I could find, added tracking pixels to my emails and not a single email was opened. I mean, who has time to open emails when you just got mega paid with another successful ICO scam. Hell yea boys!

Union Paycoin was the next ICO that popped up with my initial research. Thought they were slick with this, purchased a new domain after someone mentioned copy was lifted from another website... aka, their entire network of fraudulent ICOs. Their junior web designer / developer forgot to find and replace "scrinium" from privacy policy / terms / ect pages.

Next, extracting meta data from a handful of images, pdf documents, etc... My findings were that Meta data default sample groups were in russian, looks like while their "team" was getting drunk on their twitter pics, someone forgot to remove Moldova location from their meta data, which is kinda odd for a dublin based company.

Tel: 01-661 3788 <—— call this number and ask for scrinium. Be amazed.

their advisor, simon... he's made one mention of scrinium back in January of 2018. If I could locate this dude, I'd send em "ico blockchain shill master of the year award" but this dude is just another shill getting paid in cryptos to write SEO articles for these scam ICOs. You'll find this guy is connected to a ton of ICO's as an advisor but can't seem to hold jobs for more than a few months... odd. Anyways, more searches lead me to finding a number of profiles that he uses throughout the webz, he has digital footprints in blackhat SEO forums from way back in the day, dude is making bank promoting these fraudulent ICOs.

Anyways, I beg you to contact simon via twitter, techicoshills website, his personal wordpress site which is garbage juice, facebook, myspace, linkedin, reddit, your local dublin bar... goodluck. However, he does have a dreamweaver award... gotta give this dude props on that.

No explanation required: https://goldvoice.club/@sergeypyshkin/

After doing some extensive late night research, I found a plethora of ICOs that are all connected to the same group.... uKit, ICO Podium, Union Pay, MBC Coin, bankex, geCryptoXchange, the list goes on and on.

Registration Date:2017-12-16

Registration Date:2017-12-16

BTW, who-is search these domains if you got time, or just take my word for it... they all connected.

Their team pre-ico: http://www.ico196.com/ico/detail/97/global Their team post-ico: https://github.com/LordotU

What's funny is that they changed their developer info in github after someone mentioned the developer only project he starred was NoCode repo... search this github repo, very amusing.

Sebastian Forbes, Scrinium CEO / President / PAID ACTOR!!!!! He's currently shilling some other ICO / Token right now as well. You can find this shill on youtube, looking highly professional! Anyhoot, I used lexis nexis accurint and there is ZERO record of this shill in their database. Do not ask me how I got access to this platform.

LinkedIn profiles are all fake as a three dollar bill. If I had more time, I could provide the dates of when these profiles were created, however my adderall is wearing off and I don't feel like it. FYI, LinkedIn loves hiding data and not allowing pages to be cached because they make a killing off of these fake profiles generating ad impressions for their advertisers.

Anyways, gotta give these guys credit, they have found a way to create legit looking ICO's that makes them a killing. They must get off on this because one ICO scam just ain't enough for these scammers. They know that everyone just tells their friends that they read the whitepaper and view the linkedin profiles and do their due diligence so their friends think they are crypto overlords. They understand the psychology and mind of the crypto enthusiast, they feed off this shit.

ABT Technology Limited, the company listed in their whitepaper... company been dissolved for like three plus years. If you were to do some modifier searches, you'd find that same company listed in a plethora of other whitepapers.

Lastly, I couldn't find a single non-paid article written about scrinium. Word of advice, when reading articles about anything crypto related, check for wording at the top / bottom of the article to determine if it's a sponsored article (paid article). Most of them start with something like "Disclaimer: This write-up is sponsored."

Hope this helps, be careful out there.

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Fucking scammers! These type of people are destroying the Blockchain industry that's why many big investors are scared to put money in crypto world. I hope those scammers and their family get a bad Karma.
( I'm one of the victim of Scrinium scam )