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In this new publication, I would like to present the project Krios. I'm sure you've heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO ... but Krios blockchain is the coolest one, and for more details we are going to cover the following topics:
If we observe how a society is developing, from tribal societies we have moved to another social structure in the modern world where people work in a specialized way and can do it in a global environment from anywhere in the world, through the advent of technology and the Internet. Krios is a social media platform with financial investors based on blocks. The Krios social network will be one of the unique and crypto-social networks that will find cryptographic enthusiasts on the overall platform and allow them to spread the appeal of information, including financial information, without missing important updates.


Help businesses realize their potential with the easiest, most effective and cheap digital marketing solution. Be the world's leading marketing platform for social networks. By 2021 we aim to make up more than 10% of the industry.


As a business, if you want to launch an Outa marketing campaign, teaming together in an ideal synergistic style can be boring, as coordination between multiple platforms, tasks, and participants can greatly complicate the process.
Finding partners and members of a marketing team that specializes in demographics may be difficult and time-consuming.
If you are a freelancer of influence or social media, how do you find a job?


Meet Krios - where you can create a full-fledged marketing team that fits your project, then manage and coordinate your campaign, all on the share of a regular message.
Krios offers a simple, streamlined process that allows you to communicate with the various marketing needs of the company, while maintaining the efficiency and ease of use.

How it works

Alice is looking for Krios Ad Manager, influential and designer, who is good for her industry.

Alice sent a short summary to the selected people, and they approve. Alice invests Krios in her project

Krios automatically establishes a reasonable contract, and the tokens apply when Alice notes the job as completed.

Alice manages, controls and works with her team in the project section and controls the cost of advertising through her related Krios purse

After completing, Alice leaves positive feedback, reviews and comments for members of his team

Why is Cryos

Safe, private and decentralized
No problem with bank or currency issues
Intelligent contracts are guaranteed work and payment
Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin all
Integrated Spend all on one platform

Road map

4 quarter of 2017

A private pre-sale of KriosCoin begins. Expansion of the team and development of the partnership. Develop Krios MVP.

1st quarter 2018

KriosCoin's initial offer starts and ends. The donations were distributed according to the distribution of funds. Kris's beta test begins. Develop mobile apps. KriosCoins is listed at least one stock exchange.

2nd quarter 2018

The Krios network is fully implemented, including all major features and social media. Optimize the relevant Krios algorithms that connect companies with influential professionals and marketing professionals.

3 quarter of 2018

The Krios loyalty program was created to help advertisers save more money. "Create your campaign" has been completely optimized and released as an all-in-one solution for advertisers who want to create effective marketing campaigns. Measure the level of customer satisfaction for each person who offers services to Krios and allow companies to comment on other companies that publicly report performance.

4 quarter of 2018

The growth of user base and support allows Krios to offer several levels of joining / advocacy options. Allow Kryos professionals who have taken part in projects to join groups where they can offer their shared services at a discounted amount of individual expense. No development of third-party developers will be approved, and users must have experience working on projects on the Krios platform to build the team.

1st quarter 2019

Including the ability for Krios users to buy ad space on third-party applications and websites, so that business owners can not only create promotional products through Krios, but also find a place for advertising, while all pay for CRIs.

2nd quarter 2019

The introduction of Krios User Ratings, where Blockchain writes and confirms KRI payers' feedback to build a credibility and reputation system on the Krios platform, which is visible to all potential contractors.

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