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In the most recent reports it is said that about 3 billion individuals worldwide are using social media.

One of these most popular platforms today is the Facebook platform, where this platform generates large profits due to its high active user traffic.

The propaganda or advertising is actually the channel of great profits of Facebook, so Facebook is anyway a propaganda company.

CBNT is a social network to communicate decentralized professional content supported by block chain technology and an ecosystem model DPGC (PROFESSIONAL DECENTRALIZATION OF CONTENT CREATION).

In this CBNT community, how the content generators or content viewers, the two parties have the great possibility of receiving rewards of touches "Rewards of Mining" CBNT is increasing and growing traffic, all this great benefit of all the ads is also They will distribute all the participants.

Sharing Ecosystem:
The originality in the CBNT community
It is part of the Mining Reward 100% profit exchange.

Board address model:
The custom of the decentralized administration of self-operation wisdom of the group all the competitors in this ecosystem, has the great possibility of obtaining the one hundred percent of the legality and benefits that correspond, in order to get a system of gain of content, traffic and the propaganda, of mutual benefit.

Content creation:
Content authors are going to receive remuneration tokens if those who read like their appreciated content, the more prominent the information, the more tokens the authors will have.

Content viewers : viewers can vote and distribute excellent quality articles and the earnings of these items will be distributed based on the user's contribution values.

Within the business formats, the most important thing is the quality of the high value of the information. When interrogators have more profits and benefits, it is because the viewer shares their most valuable information.

Allow ads to appear:
The point that has to be changed is the current way of publishing. To post ads the advertiser has to pay for the tokens then their advertising rates will be distributed based on the contributions of the fans.

What CBNT thinks:
This great CBNT team is certain that business formats can not be sustained and CBNT has as its main goal to transform the common commercial model of content platforms and authorize each participant to have CBNT utility.

Implementing the "Rewards of Mining" model, CBNT launches tokens, which symbolizes the rights in the platform.

CBNT will only focus on the block chain information, the financial and investment fields that are linked to each other with the token economy program.
Those who make Content, viewers and communicators can extract CBNT token by publishing, sharing, commenting on the contents and clicking on "Like" on the CBNT platform.

CBNT and its solutions to problems:
CBNT will be manufactured as a program of symbolic economy that must strictly comply with certain parameters of the free market economy, the person who has worked and shared with other users, will obtain many economic benefits, in this way the problems that are existing in The traditional content ecosystem of the Internet.

The poor quality of content results in a very low number of the attention economy.

Artists or content creators take time creating their articles, and thus give value to the platform. Providing changes that benefit the platform model.

The audience and those who communicate content do not have the possibility to exchange or share the financial value that the article has developed.

Mining Mechanism:
The biggest incentive of the CBNT tokens is that they will be released at a fixed time each day.

These will be divided into equal parts : 45% creators of Articles, 45% for the content audience and those who communicate said content "I like" and "comments" and "exchange" and 10% for the owners of CBNT tokens whose tokens are in a closed state.

The ownership of the content will be given to the audience, and each reader will be given different evaluation values. The value of the high quality content in CBNT this resource is found from the mining behavior of the audience.

The general value of the mining of the audience have as a general rule the following:

Number of tokens: part of the audience's mining value is derived from the amount of tokens they accumulate. The greater the number of tokens they possess, the higher the value of mining will be and the gifts of mining will be rewarded in the future.

Contribution value: each user has their own value to give their contribution (comparative an Alipay Sesame Credit Score), mainly used to calculate how much the user gives to the community.

Share: when success is the exchange, you can detect a mining behavior and as a consequence increase its content value.

Commenting : when readers like and post their comments on quality content.

When other readers like it: the observer like the one who made the content will be rewarded with incentives from miners and the value of the reviewer's assignment will be given each time they increase their "likes".

"I like it": all the elements reach as the content of excellent quality is helping to raise the value of the mining incentives of its content.

Value of CB: each viewer has a limited mining faculty.

Each extraction will remove a% of CB value.

The CB value is only used to manipulate if the mining behavior can be rewarded, instead of the parameters to control the mining behavior.

Range of behavior: With the balance please viewers and communicators who reveal content of very good quality, how many stakes exploit the content (share, comment and please), more content mining incentives will get users.

Structure of the system:
Token information:
Symbolic symbol: Supply

Total CBNT: 10 billionTokens

Type: ERC20

Distribution of tokens
Because CBNT is a platform ecosystem test, CBNT token holders can enjoy rights on the platform, such as revenue sharing, monitoring, voting, etc. The total supply of CBNT is 10 billion and it will never be issued in excess. There are two ways to obtain CBNT: one is mining and the other is trading from the exchange.

Road map:

More about CBNT, contact us.






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