To the exchanges! ICO Update

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To the exchanges! ICO Update
By Mike Pomery

As the crowdsale portion of our ICO draws to a close, and our incredibly full schedule of investor meetings begins to ease off a little, the team is very keen to start putting more and more energy into listing our CHT token on crypto-currency exchanges. This way, an investor can liquidate their holdings whenever they wish, and take profit when it suits them. Floating our tokens on exchanges is an important next-step in our crypto-fund, and we are excited to be able to focus more heavily on this aspect now that the crowdsale is winding down.

Some exchanges require the ICO crowdsale to be completed before listing, while others allow listing before that time. While we already have a few in mind, the team wishes to explore and assess as many exchanges as possible so our CHT tokens are represented well in the crypto-market. Details of what exchanges our tokens will be listed on will be made public as soon as we’ve listed them.

In more general news, we’ve had a blast getting to know the crypto community through telegram and other correspondence. While we have had a lot of contributors purchasing tokens with ETH, by far most investment in this ICO has still been from traditional fiat investors. Countinghouse is still excited to offer hedge fund-level profits to investors in the crypto-world, but so far the old-school fiat investor is snagging up the larger portion of the tokens on offer. Not long left for crypto-currency holders to buy in to our crypto-fund. No new tokens will be issued after the completion of the crowdsale. All unsold tokens will be burnt.

Crowdsale ends on the 12th of June.


I am banking on CountingHouse Fund to deliver to the marketplace what they are promising in this ICO stage...and am sure they will make it as the team is really good.

It remains a little time, 3 days, you need to hurry. A good team and an excellent project.

I am a little late to upvote... You should keep posting updates weekly, in time you will gain a following here! You have a great offer there.

Counting house crowdsale left only 11 day. hurry up guys

A lot of work has been done, the team works 100%

Countinghouse draws from over a decade of successful Foreign Exchange trading and investment experience . We are a small team with a diverse skill set.
#CHT #Countinghouse #hedgefund

how can i resteem this post

With such good team, you have nothing to worry about.

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