Copytrack: The First Blockchain-Based Image Copyright Register

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Copytrack revolutionizes how creators protect, track and monetize their work by using blockchain and smart contracts technology.

Copytrack’s token pre-sale is open now and will be followed by the crowd sale on Jan 10th, 2018
Minimum: 0,1 ETH Maximum: 5000 ETH

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Market and Mission

Whilst the digital image market is growing exponentially with more than 2 billion images uploaded every day, up to 85% of images online are used without a valid license. Photographers suffer an enormous financial loss and are often unaware that their images are being copied and distributed elsewhere.

On the other end of the spectrum, the image licensing market is controlled by only a few players that keep up to 70% of revenue to themselves. Copytrack is here to change that.

By introducing a distributed database for images, we are moving image copyright registration, licensing and payments to the blockchain. This will reshape how photographers and creators protect, track and monetize their work in the following ways:

1. No more image theft
By registering images directly on the blockchain, all their usage and distribution will be registered. Creators are automatically notified whenever an image is being used.

2. Global copyright database
The open and global database of rights-holders and their work allows users to easily license and track their creative work.

3. Fair & transparent compensation
The CPY token directly connects creators and clients and facilitates transactions via smart contracts. Creatives are in full control of their own pricing and licensing options without any intermediaries, who nowadays take cuts of up to 70%.

About Copytrack

Copytrack is the undisputed market leader in uncovering image theft with headquarters in Berlin and Singapore and subsidiaries in New York and Tokyo. Over the past three years we have helped the photography community to claim image rights in over 50.000 of unsolicited use cases.

With the Copytrack Global Copyright Register, it is our aim to take digital copyright registration to the next level. It is our goal is to provide a solution for the key challenges of digital content copyright as they still exist today:

How to proof digital content authorship globally?
How to track illegal use globally?
How to license digital content globally?

A Truly Global Solution

The marketplace for photography is highly fragmented. By creating a decentralized, open and transparent copyright register using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, Copytrack sets out to solve these challenges globally.

Our solution enables creators to register, trackand monetize their work without the need of intermediaries, making the multi-billion dollar digital licensing industry more transparent and fair towards both buyers and sellers.

An Open and Agnostic Solution for Digital Content

The same patterns of digital rights ownership apply to all media including images, video content, audio & music, text documents, notary and legal documents and certifications. Whilst the Copytrack Central Registry is focussing on photography and images at launch, it is designed to support all forms of digital media.

ICO-Copytrack-Business-Modell from Marcus Schmitt on Vimeo.

(Users and investors seeking more information can download the Copytrack Crowdsale Document and White Paper from, and can sign up to receive notifications for the upcoming Copytrack token sale.)


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