Electroneum, all Hype - Or does it have some potential?

in #ico4 years ago

Hello Everyone,

I have a big interest in ICOs and of course, trying to turn crypto currencies into a nice building supplemental income via dividends, trading, or use. 

So, I came across electroneum (http://electroneum.com/) supposedly the first crypto currency of its kind to focus on the little guy being able to mine it with their phone. 

Now, I am kind of excited about this one, because any crypto currency that wants to get their users more involved in the crypto world is OK in my book.

Now, of course, I do not believe this coin ever has the ability to make it past the $1 mark, but if it creates widespread use, even at $1 it might be alright to get into? 

I wanted to pose this question to the community, as I know there are other seasoned ICO investors out there who are much more savvy than I am and know what to look for. 

Key points: 

Coin capped at 21 Billion 

Can Mine with your Cellphone - CPU power mining - 

Is being invested in by Duncan Logan - CEO of RocketSpace 

I mean - There are so many payment systems all wanting to compete now, but I kind of was interested in this one for the points above... Or are we all being sold a ball of hype?