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Online information stages have been utilizing clients individual information for influencing benefits in which clients to have been influenced mindful of such to act. This age additionally welcome the way that their "own information has more financial incentive than oil". The majority of the stage which have been influencing benefits from clients information to have declined to pay the clients for utilizing their information to make benefits in which this has been one of the issues experienced in the online information sharing stage. The vast majority of the stages need straightforwardness on how the stage is been run in this way keeping clients oblivious opening.

Lack of security is another issue engaging with online information sharing stage. A portion of the client information and individual data have lost because of hacks in which clients constantly stressed over the wellbeing of their information at whatever point this assaults happened to the stage. These and numerous more issues are what YDS stage will endeavor to correct all these using blockchain innovation to enhance the security and increment the straightforwardness level of the stage.


YDS trust that remunerating clients for sharing their information is the best things for cutomers. It has been recorded that benefit produced from client's information isn't as of now dispersed among the shopper and distributer. Rather, just Data Management Platforms and distributers are compensated for sharing buyer information which brings up the issue regarding why buyers will share their information now GDPR enactment is presently in drive.

YDS is tending to the prerequisites of clients by giving them administration of their data and influencing a decent and property to display for sharing data that redistributes the value back to the purchaser and legitimate data proprietor.

The estimation of unadulterated customer information for publicists is better information division for target advertise

YDS stage has been intended to remunerate clients with YDS Tokens for offering information to the organizations


YDS Network

The YDS Network could be a token basically based GDPR agreeable individual learning rewards stage. The YDS Network are built by means of the formation of customer profiles. this can allow the purchaser to have and true blue their own insight.

"Buyers will have the capacity to control the amount of their information is shared and furthermore oversee which brands and organizations are allowed to get in touch with them. Purchasers are compensated each time their information is utilized.

YDS Academy

The YDS Academy is our cloud based instruction and preparing stage. Our foundation will enable organizations to guarantee that staffs are prepared in accordance with current controls. Utilizing our protection affirmed instructional class, organizations will have the capacity to prepare and deal with their staff fitness in regions, for example, GDPR and Cyber Security.

YDS Cloud

The YDS Cloud is a scrambled cloud office for document sharing and capacity. Blockchain and decentralized stockpiling has immense application potential with regards to GDPR. YDS will offer secure storerooms, where we will offer customers the capacity to store records, for example, 'Rights to Erasure' and furthermore encourage information conveyability demands utilizing Blockchain.

YDS Virtual DPO

Numerous organizations don't have an enlisted Data Protection Officer or individual from staff with the master information required to oversee or keep up the organizations GDPR consistence. Our online DPO will be accessible at a small amount of the cost of conventional DPO administrations.

The YDS Solution

YDS generally can't help contradicting the manner in which that vast organizations and associations are benefitting from the information of people, the majority of whom are ignorant that they are doing as such.

YDS trust that there is a superior and more pleasant path for the world's close to home information to be shared and monetised, a reasonable redistribution of the incentive inside the information biological community.

The proposition is that benefit produced from information sharing will be redistributed among clients on the YDS stage.

A review of how the stage will function is as per the following:

Clients will make a YDS Profile.

A client profile is then confirmed by means of KYC or another decentralized personality checking arrangement.

Clients would then be able to choose what verticals (organizations) they are occupied with offering their information to.

Clients at that point have the alternative to include information into their profile, including web-based social networking joins, contact data, life organize information, arrangement data and recharging dates and some other vertical particular data, all ward of which organizations and brands they wish to be reached by.

Clients would then need to demonstrate the legitimacy of this recently included information. This should be possible by means of "knowing me knowing you" where somebody on the system can approve a people's personality by transferring pertinent documentation or through more conventional check strategies.

Clients win YDS Token rewards each time individual information is utilized. Clients will accomplish a higher reward level by adding more unadulterated information to their buyer profile.

As the rundown of informational collections develop clients may wish to pick in for coordinate target advertising from joined forces brands for higher bespoke prizes for noting brand related inquiries.

All YDST prizes can be spent just inside the YDS stage (or on a brands site, when brands acknowledge YDS Tokens) or pulled back to a trade to money out.

Program API Extensions, Artificial Intelligence, Automated Bots, Dapp Built Applications.


Your Data Safe Token will be an ERC20 Token Smart Contract that will help with the improvement of YDS Platform for its clients by means of the key and monetary standards of interest and supply

YDS boost shoppers to share more information about themselves and their practices keeping in mind the end goal to make more knowledge for YDS' customers (the brands).

The YDS Token will be utilized to boost the different practices inside the Data Ecosystem. This will be accomplished by following gamification hypothesis, and setting up keen economy plan.


Token Name : Your Data Safe

Token Ticker: YDST

Token Type => ERC20


1% Allocated to Early Access TGE Sale

9% Allocated to Private TGE Sale

10% Allocated to Pre TGE Public Sale

20% Allocated to Public TGE Crowd deal

15% Allocated to Future Project Development (Frozen 25/05/2019)

4% Allocated to Reserved Tokens for Platform Data Rewards

9% Allocated to Core Team Members (Frozen 25/05/2019)

9% Allocated to Marketing and Continuous Brand Development

5% Allocated to Early Advisors and Consultants

5% Allocated to Legal Law and Global Compliance

3% Allocated to Bounty and Ambassador Program

10% Allocated to AirDrop for fundamental open conveyance


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