We would like to remind you that our Pre-Sale ends in less than two weeks

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However, you still have time to become a Casper API investor by purchasing CST tokens at a favourable price of $0.12

Today we would also like to remind you about important rules of our project so your token purchasing experience goes smoothly.


Here you can ask all the questions you may have as well as talk to the team.

All the real administrators have a star next to their names in the chat member list:
@ crypto_nur
@ nodramalama
@ Mark_administrator
@ Maelstrom_s
@ liutetskaia
@ Julia_administrator


Our administrators NEVER send you a personal message out of the blue.

Our administrators NEVER send custom payment addresses for purchasing tokens.

We NEVER send personal offers from personal mail.

  • All the official social media links can be found on our website

NEVER click unknown links that you get from strangers – these can be fraudulent.

Before making any decision about investing in Casper API do your own research and ask any questions you may have to the team or the community.

By following these simple rules you can prevent your money from falling into the fraudulent hands of scammers and instead purchase CST tokens safely, quickly and easily so in the future you get to get returns on the investments you made today!

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