There is very little time before the end of the Pre-Sale of Casper API!

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Use this time to explore our project and ask any questions you have left to the team members or the community!

Check out our White Paper

Test MVP

Ask questions in the chat to administrators:
@ crypto_nur
@ nodramalama
@ Mark_administrator
@ Maelstrom_s
@ liutetskaia
@ Julia_administrator

And most important - have time to buy CST tokens at an attractive price of$0.12. During the crowd-sale the price will be higher!


CST tokens can be purchased only on the official website

And if you received an individual offer to buy tokens from your personal email address, or someone calls himself an administrator/team member of Casper API project and sends you private messages offering to buy CST, for example, with discounts-know that they are scammers.

Immediately stop the conversation and contact any of the administrators mentioned above!

We do our best so that it will be simple and safe to become an investor of our project but we also ask you to be vigilant!

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