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Dear friends, today we would like to summarize all the important events that have occurred in Casper API for the month!

So, one important step was to decide that we need to allocate 66,000,000 CST to our community members to improve our project.

At the end of June, in order to make Casper API ICO even more secure and transparent, Civic Technologies Inc became our partner. The company is a leading developer of Blockchain network identification technologies that ensure security and optimization of KYC procedure.

Almost at the same time, we have finished working on the version of Casper API for NEO blockchain and now there are internal tests, after which providers will be able to store files downloaded from any of the blockchains on which MVP - Ethereum or NEO works at the same time.

Finally, in early July, our first known investors were Richard Wang, a partner of one of the largest crypto funds in the world Draper Dragon, and QTUM Foundation, an enterprise-level blockchain platform with a capitalization of $808 million.

There are only 13 days left until the end of Pre-Sale, do not miss your chance to get CST at a favorable price of $0.12 per token!

Stay with us!
Casper API team


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