Important information!

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Dear friends!

We have to inform you that our ICO is postponed for an indefinite period

Since our company is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, we have to get the green light from FINMA (The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority) that has not given the necessary approval to conduct the sale on the dates we have planned. We will continue working on resolving this issue so that in the future no legal conflicts can arise.

All the funds contributed by investors will be returned to the wallets you have transferred the money from.

After calculating all the results the tokens will be put in a single spreadsheet and sent to your wallets on the ICO launch day.

As part of the Pre-sale we have attracted fiat investments in exchange for a share in the company so the work on Casper API will be continued, and you can track our progress on github. We will come back to conduct an ICO after gathering the necessary approval and releasing as minimum an alpha version of the product.

We are extremely grateful for your support and we hope that our decision will be taken in the right spirit. Besides, this will allow our potential investors to contribute to a project that already has real world utility.

You still can communicate with team and community here , we ll you keep updated.