Casper API will help businessmen to store information safely

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Cloud storage technologies are in demand by millions of users. However, the main audience of these services are individuals and Dapp, business representatives are in no hurry to use cloud services.

The fact is that none of companies that provide online storage do not guarantee the safety of information.

The emergence of blockchain technologies is changing the situation. The first to see this opportunity were developers of Casper API - infrastructure of decentralized data storage. The use of Casper API blockchain technology can guarantee:

Reliability. The absence of servers makes the system resistant to DDoS attacks. Confidentiality of file operations through the use of a private channel with a cryptographic Protocol between user and provider.

File delivery. P2P network users are not limited geographically, so to increase the speed of downloading it is possible to receive data from the nearest provider.

Availability of information 24/7. Storing multiple copies of a file with different network members allows to download data even if one of the members is disconnected. Smart contract regulates the storage network, monitoring compliance with the working conditions of storage service providers.

In other words, Casper API is a decentralized cloud storage of information, which has the advantages of traditional services but without their disadvantages. And the most important attraction of Casper API for classic business-tangible savings on tariffs,in comparison with centralized players.

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