An ICO for people who love music festivals and the wubs.

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Hello all,

as always, I'm late to the game. So, to grab just the last bit of the remaining hype, I'll be doing my own initial coin offering. This one is to support all music production teachers, producers, students, DJs and ravers out there (myself included), who love the wubs and can't get enough of them (you know, the headbanging-inducing, lovely, bass-heavy sound that makes your body go wub wub wub and your head bang bang bang).

The token symbol shall simply be "WUB".

There are two main goals of this project:

  • Organize music events (starting in Japan, and later all over the world)
    Over the last 5 years, I've already invested a lot of time into building my own brand "New Sound For Japan". I'm hoping that together with the crypto-community I can infuse this brand with new energy and life.
    Of course, all holders of WUB will have free life-time access to the raves and parties and will also receive complimentary champagne and other benefits.
Skrillex in Japan with our New Sound For Japan T-Shirt (please let me know who took this pic for photo credit)Jeseph and some dubstep lovers representing
  • Build an open-source online community for music production teachers & students.
    The ecosystem of choice for this project is - and will for the foreseeable future be - Ethereum. Using their Ethereum keys, DJs, teachers and students will be able to manage their profiles and lessons on desktop and mobile, and also set their rates in crypto currency. WUBs can also be directly exchanged for DJ performances, soundpacks and music production lessons.

To ensure the success of the this project, I'm teaming up with amazing individuals which I have the pleasure to briefly introduce:

  1. Stephen "SeamlessR" Oleary, an amazing music production teacher and wubwub maker. Right now, I am a student of his myself and love every minute of it.
  2. Soon to be announced

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in working together and help make this project and the first event a reality. Currently I'm mostly idling around in Seamless's discord channel. Please join.

For more information and progress on the IWO (initial wub offering), please visit


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