How to Find the ICOs You Are Looking For

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Earlier today, a friend forwarded me an email from “Money Map Press” that illustrated the shocking gains that people were getting from their ownership of crypto currencies, buying during ICOs. This particular email unveiled gains of nearly 85,000%, over 200,000%, and an almost unimaginable 580,000% from investments in STRAT, MIOTA, and NXT, respectively. In other words, a mere $250 in the latter would have been worth almost $1.5 million!

That’s simply insane!

With that said, it’s these gains that explain why nearly $3.7 billion has been invested into ICOs this year. What’s even more remarkable is that up until this point, just about all past ICOs are performing well. Unfortunately, that's not going to continue. The ICO market is filling up with more and more junk, and even worse, buyers don't seem to realize what makes for a good purchase.

First and foremost, as with any form of investing, valuation is what matters. These ICOs of WAX token and Unikoin Gold are never going to yield returns in the multi-1,000 percentile. That's because the valuation is too high to start with, even with great business models. To generate these kind of returns, you are betting that WAX, Unikoin, and others alike will become the next Google, and that doesn't happen overnight.

The secret with Ethereum, Neo, and of course, NXT is that all listed with little hype but had legitimate business models and usages behind the currency. The same concept applies to HADE Token at

HADE Token is tied to an actual business, at where it expects more than 300 million tokens to be transacted on its platforms each year by 2020. And while it is not the easiest business model to understand, it is an absolute breakthrough nonetheless. But don't take my word for it... you can actually head over to, register, and see its technology in action. Create a 30-40 page research report in real time with the click of a button. Or, look at company earning predictions from machine learning that are 50% more accurate than Wall St.

This is a company that has a great shot to completely disrupt a core $51 billion investment research industry, and unlike other companies to have sold dreams of offering technology and/or creating tokenized investment funds, this is the company with the greatest shot to actually do so because of its network, thereby adding another market that could one day grow to $100 billion or more.

Over the next week, staff will be publishing reports, videos, and content alike to illustrate how HADE Token will work within the platform, and to put its technology on display. Check out and stay tuned to our Steemit blog as we present one breakthrough after another, and for another two-days only, HADE Token is offering a 100% bonus.

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i agree with steemdreamer.


Could not agree more @steemdreamer


Tell it like it is.


Lol, I'm glad others thought this; after I got to the "hade" part I was like sigh "this is an ad:("


yep, just another article to buy a token but hey look at the rewards earned by the post :)


he earned more than the ICO lol


Although ICOs are huge and there's massive potential form making a killing it's still a massive risk. It's sort of like buying a lottery ticket. If you know how to understand the value, or potential value of an ICO you might at that point have a chance of making money from it! You need to know what the project is about, who the team are, ensure they actually have a working model and it's not just an idea and you also need to read and understand the white paper. Check social media outlets to get a feel for it too. It's a lot of work. And you're doing that for each ICO you come across!

I think in this day and age when everything is so unknown, the thought of cryptocurrencies and other forms of the share market can be dawnting for a lot of us. We may not know enough or we may know a lot. Its other people's opinions which encourage friends etc to join and then comes the influx to the market itself. When bitcoin came out everyone was skeptical, now look at it its earning thousands a day, granted it is not without risk, but that's what the industry is all about. You will have to risk seomethign for the reward.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


your CryptoInvestmentExpert


Nice marketing pitch. I see you work for HADE. LOL.

Did you buy this ICO?


Your analysis seems about right and many people especially the newbies tend to get some money to grow but due to poor technical and analytical skills required for investment just turns to gamble for the newbie.


I wounder how much currency I will lose before I am able to securely transfer my steem to fiat. I'm guessing its a newbie mistake to use Poloniex? Or are they just having a lag currently? I successfully used Poloniex last year. But wanting to use an account I was familiar with I used it today and then have been left waiting hours later for my deposit to arrive. I wish I had just used the block chain attached directly to the wallet here on steemit. But I hadn't seen it before and wasn't sure how to use it. Have you used it ?


@rogueagent i completely agree with you as on paper and in words everything sounds perfect but what is it like when it gets played out on market?....if the devs get there at all.

Please read my blog on a wallet that gives free bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies daily!:

thanks for support!


Thank you @briannichols! The HADE Platform creates an environment with services for finance professionals, institutions, and individual investors that is second to none. Our HADE tokens will be presented as the safest, most secure, and preferred currency for purchasing premium services, future investment products, and advertisements.

Whitepaper: -->

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I got to get some of those

Very cool!

What do you think will be of crypto platforms like this in 2018?

Join the conversation and leave your thoughts over here:

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nice information about token. great platform where we can see tokens. thanks for sharing such good post.


You can go to

All tokens are distributed two weeks after the token sale

thank you for you information, but for my own knowledge, are you just a Hade fan or do you work for them ? :)


I do work for HADE Technologies, LLC. That’s how I know you should stay tuned for either tonight or tomorrow as we display our technology for the world to see. You don’t have to understand Wall St to realize that what we have is a complete breakthrough.

Yup this article help a person like me as a newbies

thank you for sharing, keep up the good work


I am honored by the feedback I have received from this post. My experience in the traditional investment community, as a published author and successful investor gives me unique perspective. I will continue to share that perspective daily, here on Steemit. Let me know if you have any questions, and I will answer via YouTube or Steemit.

I'm not familiar with this bitcoin and crypto coin etc. as an investment . Although I've seen a lot of interest in it. I'm also a newbie to steemit so I see I have a lot to learn.

I like the info and I'll be looking into Regardless of anyone's personal decision about investing in Hade, it's always excellent to remind people to do their due diligence before investing!

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great analysis but ico from findings shows 90% ain't legit so i kinda stay away


Would you mind siting that research study, the idea that 90% of all active ICO's are illegitimate is absurd. Being disinterested in new wealth generation is your choice, but its a little irresponsible to misinform those who are interested in learning.


I agree 100% with this comment. The steemit platform was created to allow content creators to author articles of merit that are driven by source. I, too, am interested in the source of this statement.

Regardless, I have done a write-up on this company and their ICO. I believe in the product they have to offer the crypto space (especially being an investor). They offer a real product at their company that can be utilized with their Token for a really affordable price to early investors.

Cheers @joeycrack and I look forward to the response.

Hmm... you make a convincing argument. I might participate in Hade.


Sounds good... if you have any questions, be sure to let us know.

It is worth to try!!!

I used to stay away from ICOs like the plague for the most part. I will have to look at this.

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Yes, it is intersting.

This is really helpful..... Thanks for the piece

I keep learning...thank you. Can I trade Hade tokens for bitcoin or other currency?

Don't Give-up.png


It is also a good idea to consider this steemit image.jpg


Hi friend I like your post.

Please help is new

I check and that's what's I've been doing most of the time ;)

I look forward to seeing this ICO grow and what their crossover to the crypto space will mean for investing. I am encouraged by the team, the product, and the service/utility of the Hade Platform.

incredible..that's the power of cryptoworld

This is great information. Thank you for sharing.
Hope we will find out if any of the big VCs are involved with the company. That will be an additional justification about the future the company.

ico should also have transparency and purpose.

I will look into this ico, thanks.

I look forward to seeing this ICO grow and what their crossover to the crypto space will mean for investing. I am encouraged by the team, the product, and the service/utility of the Hade Platform.

Great post!


Thank you... stay tuned to our announcements and demos over the next few days. We will literally be showcasing our technology

awesome work..

Greet job buddy ,, keep going

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just looking at your post payout this ico is definitely having a lot interest.

gret news

Good ICO's MUST have an application and thats easy to check out - full listing links - here:

Paused to comment when you mentioned HADE. First I've heard of it and was like "wtf that's awesome!" Good luck and happy steeming!

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article to make you buy that token. And the title is misleading.

Thank you sharing the news.

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Really stoked on the prospect of big corporations ICO'ing their own coins. It's going to do wonders to help build the coming crypto future infrastructure.

I'm not sure if I'm trying to be sarcastic in saying that. Here's to Walmart Issued Ethereum Tokens in 2020!

Finding the ICOs is very difficut. but hade platform is best platform to find new iCOs. nice idea and concept. full information.

Interesting Indeed, Good article Brian, I am into a lot of ICO's as well and I got massive returns, I am sharing my story as well here - Are ICO's better when it comes to returns? Came across this blog, seems interesting! What do you think? I can see a lot of ICO's are going around with amazing projects !

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One thing is guaranteed that Crypto Currency will rule in future but there guarantee that new ICO will sustain. OLD is GOLD

Nice marketing pitch

the article is misleading. it should be called the platform you are schilling.

very good job interesting information

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These are the droids I am looking for thx! Just followed :)

wait and see ..


Thank you for this Information :)

interesting post!!!!!!

Interesting post

This article really speaks of the modern world scenario where currencies are change by other crypto currencies with higher value. These crypto currencies invaded the whole world. The only concern now is these crypto currencies might be abuse by some people. The introduction of these currencies give rise also to some scam sites. To avoid being scammed need to study first the site and read all important and relevant views of the previous users.

This is nothing than a pitch. I can not find the tutorial that was supposed to be found at the first sight on the title.

nice post

sir, a question for you if you have time please. If you pay them for the ICO from your Etherium or Bitcoin wallet how do they send you the coin that is of their brand? Say for example you buy $1000 of ABCcoin at an ICO, how do they send ABCcoin to your Etherium wallet? Do you provide them a wallet address for the new coin? Apologies as Ive no idea on how this works and just require the clarification. Kind regards.

We all know that we have to take that much risk to make a lot of money. However, the risk must be understood to mean the risks that exist after the best - of - breed information gathering and feasibility check, not the risk coming from a rancid investment!

You should also be aware that this article is on the publicity list. haha

ico good make token

does anyone got scam by the ico? I joined an iCO and make pretty good profit after 2 months, and still want to keep the coin in hope the price will go up. I will hold it at least 1 yr to 5 yrs. As the price of ETH is going to the moon (currently 630), it would be very expensive to join the ICO.

I currently join SophiaTX and Sola, check it out.

This URL for Sola ICO, you get 5%

Token prices are always more expensive during ICO's. If you stay focused you can get them much cheaper on an exchange the next weeks after icos end. If you don't believe me, go to and search any recent one, check the charts.