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The Zephyr Token sale has officially finished today. On the behalf of the Bitspark Team, we want to thank everyone who participated in the purchase of Zephyr and has helped us get here.

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 6.30.55 pm.png

Zephyr is a reward token for Bitspark's pegged cryptocurrency network. It's an incentive token for Bitspark's remittance customers to join and earn with Bitspark so every transaction means our customers win. For investors of $ZEPH, 25% of profits from every successful transaction will go into buybacks from the Zephyr market.


  • Amount raised: USD 1369406.00!

  • Pre-sale: 65,752,187.22 ZEPH

  • Sale: 57854579.131 ZEPH

  • Total Number : 123,606,766.351 ZEPH


  • When can I withdraw my Zephyr Tokens?

Zephyr distributions are being prepared as we speak -> . The devs are doing final testing to ensure everything is running smoothly for your withdrawal. Withdrawl function will be announced via our zephyr social channels.

  • How do I withdraw?

When withdrawals are ready, you can go to your account on Zephyr website, navigate to 'Fund' and click on the 'withdraw' from Zephyr section. You can only withdraw ZEPH to Bitshares wallets. Please ensure you enter your own wallet and not another person's wallet.

Step 1: Add your Bitshares wallet


Step 2: Withdraw an amount to your own Bitshares account


  • When can I trade ;) ?

Zephyr is available to be traded on the Bitshares DEX. Quick link here.

  • I missed the token sale. How can I buy/trade $ZEPH?

Don't worry if you missed the boat on the sale period. You can buy and trade on the Bitshares DEX.

  • How about the unpurchased tokens?

Unpurchased tokens will be redistributed back into company and rewards pool to hold in reserve for future issuance as part of our rewards.

  • Where can I stay updated with Zephyr news?

Follow our social media channels. List of channels via zephyr landing page.


We made a major announcement yesterday. We secured funding from Reinsurance Group of America!

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 7.21.09 pm.png

Many of the token purchases have been customers themselves which have been great encouragement for the team and Zephyr project!

This week, Bitspark co-founder will be speaking at the HONG KONG BLOCKCHAIN event about Zephyr on the Blockchain & New Business Models panel. Other notable attendees are; EOS, ANX, COINDESK, BNKTOTHEFUTURE, COINTELEGRAPH.

Job postings for Marketing and Sales have been pushed out. Bitspark is getting ready for expansion!


The Bitspark Team.


good job guys!

Great to see this! I think you are doing important work with Bitspark.

good to hear!

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Hello Cryptod,

The withdraw function is available since the ICO was completed. You can withdraw your Zephyrs from your wallet and trade them on the DEX.

When Withdraw option will be available?

Would have preferred if the additional, not purchased tokens were burned.

bitshares has no deposit option for Zephyr tokens. how can we deposit?