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Intro and Project Concept:
I just passed by a new project that caught my attention today, it is called crowdholding, the concept is to take the power of venture capitalism from big investors/whales and give it to the crowd, it is basically a new form of crowd funding where the crowd or individual person can vote for a new project, fund the new startup, start his own project, work for a project, complete the tasks provided by the startup project and earn some crowdshares based on the activity. The project developers define it as a decentralized innovative platform connecting entrepreneurs and supporters. The ICO landing page can be accessed at;
Project Tokens:
Crowdholding comes with ERC-20 tokens based on ETH smart contract, they are called YUPIE with an abbreviation of YUP which is not just an ordinary token but the currency of whole the crowdholding ecosystem, entrepreneurs and contributors both will need YUP tokens to take part in the platform, while active members/supporters will also be paid in the YUP tokens. Crowdholding will charge fee to both entrepreneurs and contributors making YUP the economic tool within the platform raising its demand and value with time and growth of the project. During the Pre-sale that is starting from 15th August and will continue till the 17th of September approximately 32 days, the price per 1000 YUP tokens will be 0.33 ETH, in November when public crowdsale opens the price will rise to 1 ETH per 1000 YUP tokens, so do take advantage of the cheap tokens by taking part in the pre-sale round. Pre-sale target is 200K dollars, while the overall target for crowdfunding is 1 million USD for the funding to be declared successful, soft target is 10 million usd and extended hard target is 50 million dollars. All unsold tokens will be burnt, so it is a one time generated token only and follows the general deflationary rule as set by almost all the crypto related projects and services.
Prospects for Investors:
As an investor or token holder, you are a part of the company, you are a stakeholder in the business or you can say a shareholder in the platform. The income in the form of fee taken from both the entrepreneurs looking for funding and contributors that take part in the funding of the project is collected by the platform and upto 10% fee is charged in the form of YUP tokens, this creates the demand for the platform tokens as more and more users will purchase it to take benefit of the platform increasing the value of the token, so the investors can sell the tokens at desired price for profit.
Secondly, the tokens collected by the platform as fee will also be shared with the investors, so if you are planning for long term holding this project is a great choice for you not only you can benefit from price rise but will also receive dividends.
Team behind the project:
The team working with crowdholding platform according to my analysis is legit, experienced and up to the task, they have already developed a workable platform for the project and tested it with many members and projects, everything looks great, so it is not a proposed project, the platform is already live you can become a member and start contributing now. just click on signup button on the top right to create an account and be a member. The team is headed by Mr. Ethan Clime. Aleks Bozhinov is active on the marketing side of the project and is very responsive, all the team members with their linked in profiles can be seen on the team page;
Important Links:
I wish all the success to the team, the project, the investors and the contributors, i am looking forward to be part of crowdholding my self too as i am optimistic about the success of the project, some important links related to the project can be found below;
ICO landing page:
Github Smart Contract:
Facebook page:
Twitter profile:
Telegram channel:


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