Logan Paul & Jake Paul are launching their own ICO...Litcoin

in ico •  8 months ago

Yes the crypto doomsday is upon us....the Paul brothers want to RIVAL bitcoin...

Hey guys Bart Baker here! I have been getting into the crypto world and just found out about Steemit recently. I thought there couldn't be better way to introduce myself than to post this video. The name says it all....the ICO part starts at 1 minute...enjoy and feel free to share!

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lol Great vid!

Yaaaay Finally A Big YouTuber finally giving Steemit a chance! :D

nice your video

@bartbaker welcome to Steem and thank you for giving this a try! You got under the radar for the first 24 hours and now we are aware you are here!

Will you please do an @introduceyourself post here because this is the normal way we welcome new users and is the best way to get started? For example, here is mine.

The best way to do it is to do an "introduce yourself" post here is to link to all your social media accounts with a complete biography and a why you joined Steem with then linking that back on the social media accounts you referenced. Pictures of the accounts such as your verified Twitter account with a million followers help readers to understand you bring a huge following which will generate excitement.

Once I see that I will resteem which will help more of us discover you here especially given only 4 accounts have more followers!

This is so lit. Laughing so hard right now.