How an All-in-One Global Hub for Gamers could be the Next Best Thing for eSports

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As an active gamer, it’s hard to ignore the array of suboptimal characteristics present in current eSports platforms.

Interoperability, social features, and community aspects are all lacking across a vast majority of existing platforms. However, these may be the very things that would make an all-in-one global gaming hub so successful.

The technology and tools required to create such as solution are finally available, and it’s time we saw a borderless, all-encompassing platform for everyone around the world to enjoy.

Technological advances involving the internet and blockchain technology enable us to crush the constraints of international borders, improve our ability to socialise and create relationships, and create opportunities for people to trade value with each other in an unrestricted way.

One Token, One Account

As discussed in a previous article, there is much inconvenience that arises in the current eSports environment, simply due to the siloed nature of existing platforms.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast who enjoys multiple activities within the eSports world, it’s more than likely you need to use a separate platform for each of these activities.

Take for example the case of Bob.

Bob is an avid gamer who likes betting on eSports tournaments, discussing his favourite games online, and also purchases professional gaming guides to improve his skills.

This involves three separate platform accounts and login information for Bob to remember.It also involves two different places heneeds to have his money; his betting account, and a regular spending account for purchasing guides.

He may find that he’s won a nice bet, and would like to use those winnings to purchase more professional guides. Unfortunately, to do so he needs to submit a withdrawal request with the betting platform, and it takes several business daysto receive the money in his account. Only then can he finally purchase his professional guides.

Although the forum that he uses for gaming discussion doesn’t involve a monetary aspect, it is an extra set of login information to remember. Bob also knows that his contributions on the forums are exceptional, and although he is given a lot of “up-votes”, he feels that it would be nice if he was rewarded in a more concrete way.

All of the above is amendable using a local, tokenised gaming hub; the convenience of a single user account, instant value transfers, and tokenised rewards for being a valuable community member.

Community and Social

Thanks to the internet, gaming itself is becoming an increasingly social activity every year.

Perhaps the most important component currently missing from many platforms, is a social element.

Simple chatrooms or forums are a huge way to facilitate a cohesive and vibrant ecosystem, by providing a medium for users to directly exchange value.

This shared value could take a variety of forms:

· Gaming and eSports discussion: Users can share valuable information and have discussions which are likely to be directly related to the platform’s content. This differs from the more general discussion that can be observed on standalone forums which are not tied to a particular platform.

· Platform assistance: A sort of self-sustaining customer service is enabled by a platform’s chatroom or forum. As well as sharing information relevant to all aspects of gaming and eSports, users can assist each other with using the platform itself. This greatly reduces the costs involved with paid customer service representatives, and could prove to be very useful for a self-sustainable platform.

· Overall social benefits: The fundamental need for human interaction is a huge benefit in itself. Social interactions, relationships, and simply having a laugh with peers can do wonders for mental health.

Uniting the World

Although the internet has made it possible for anyone to communicate and play games with each other across borders, it is monetary systems and processes that have kept many international barriers existent.

Platforms involving money — especially betting and wager platforms — often accept only one country’s currency (often the US dollar). They impose restrictions upon the geographical locations, banks, and other payment providers which can participate in their system.

The use of cryptocurrency eliminates these issues, allowing anyone with an internet connection to seamlessly participate in an ecosystem and contribute to all facets of a platform which involve payments.

This ultimately makes international borders less segregating than ever, enabling friendships, rivalries, and market participation on a larger global scale than ever before.

A frictionless global eSports platform will enable the world to interact in a friendly competitive way that has never been possible before.

Monetize Your Lifestyle

A tokenized, all-in-one global platform would also have the power to give users the opportunity of earning money (or tokens) for doing the things they love within the gaming scene –and even help out others at the same time.

Some of the possibilities could include tournament hosting, creating tutorials and guides, or simply being a valuable community member in the forums.

Platforms currently exist that allow similar opportunities in a more narrow niche (i.e. a single one of the above possibilities), but this often requires exhaustive work in a single area, as well as forgoing part of your income in the form of commissions to a middle man.

In an all-in-one platform like Asura World, you can earn income from multiple activities which may already be part of your daily gaming life. Portions of your revenue aren’t taken for profit, and all income stays within the platform in order to further the development of the ecosystem.

Asura World provides the opportunity to earn through a variety of ways:

- Forum contributions

- Hosting tournaments

- Partnered tournaments or Asura tournaments

- Creating tutorials and guides

- Community Matchmaking

- Betting

- Other one-off events.

As a user, you are not bound to one area to earn tokens. You can mix-and-match ways to earn that suit you, to suit your gaming lifestyle. Whether it’s through helping others directly, or hosting tournaments, you are rewarded for providing value to the ecosystem.

All tokens can be spent across the platform, or sold on the open market.


Keep an eye out for further details on the Asura World platform and the ICO, happening in Q2 2018.

For more information on the Asura Coin ICO







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