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The global eSports Pro scene is growing at an unprecedented pace, and heading towards the billion dollar mark. All this within the past few short years have proven the incredible growth rate of eSport tournaments and participating teams. However eSport tournaments are now more than just your local LAN tournaments hosted at a friends house or at a local internet cafe, they’re major grand scale tournaments that live stream to millions across the globe.

But such organized tournaments are only available for the top teams around the world. What about the little guys? Your everyday players? and your lower tier teams? Currently, there really isn’t a solution for them aside from traditional internet cafe tournaments and in-house competitions.

Some of the current problems for competing players around the world:

  1. Lack of organised local tournaments.

  2. Lack of player pools to improve competitive skills.

  3. Travelling and/or schedule inconvenience.

  4. Equipment and Set up.

  5. Public Event place.

This article will aim to address these issues and why Asura World’s tournament hosting platform is the solution.

Lack of Organised Local Tournaments

Generally, local tournaments are hosted by local people, these people don’t operate and run events as a profession, resulting in issues or delays which could sometimes cause a tournament to be cancelled entirely. It is undeniable that every tournament will be different, some more successful than others, this is simply due to human mechanics.

Asura World’s Tournament Hosting platform is configured with strings of rules and regulations that removes all human mechanics, and operates on a strict, faultless, system. Every tournament’s operations are the same and will only be improved. This way users can confidently join tournaments on Asura World without needing to concern over the host, as all settings and rules are implemented prior to starting the tournament. Users can also confidently host their own tournaments without worrying about personal experience, simply go through the options step by step and the platform will adapt all the options to the users’s tournament seamlessly.

Lack of player pools to improve competitive skills

Local players will generally meet the same group of players, thus limiting their experience of game play.

However Asura World is a global platform that aims to attract users from all over the world, this enables players to mix with a huge pool of different players, enabling players to experience and improve after every tournament. It also just makes it a lot more fun!

Tournaments are segregated into server regions to minimize lag and delays.

Travelling and/or Schedule Inconvenience

The need to travel to a location or schedule in a time to go somewhere to participate in a tournament can always be a reason of rejection. It is simply inconvenient for many to adjust their own schedule.

But with Asura World, we aim to minimize those inconveniences, because with Asura World’s Tournament Hosting platform, users play from the comfort of their own home, whenever they want.

Equipment and Set Up

Setting up tournaments is a massive undertaking unless you conveniently own an internet cafe. And even then, sometimes it’s still a huge job that requires a lot of care and setting up.

Avoid all the stress of equipment and setting up with Asura World’s THP, it’s all set up for users. Log in, search for a local tournament of choice, join, and play.

Public Event Place

If a host wishes to run a massive tournament, they will have to look into public event space. This includes hotels, convention centers, and any place that rents space specifically for tournaments and events.

If a host wishes to run a small tournament, they will still have to look into an event space regardless. These costs could end up astronomically high and simply impractical for the majority.

Asura World’s provides a public event space for everyone: AW’s Tournament Hosting platform.

In the end, Asura World aims to create an effective platform for all competitive gamers. The platform is powered by Asura Coins, and participating in tournaments will incur a minor fee [set by the host], generally the fees contribute to the prizepool. This would enable the platform to continuously host tournaments in a sustainable fashion. Game API’s are integrated with the platform for a variety of methods to promote fairness and prevent cheating.


Keep an eye out for further details on the Asura World platform and the ICO, happening in Q2 2018.

For more information on the Asura Coin ICO







It's nice move to gain more attention of people. asuracoin looks very interesting day by day.

Asura is an innovative project , gaining a huge momentum in the near up comming days and would be one of the most successful projects.

I hope that asurocoin will turn a new page into esports art. Congratulations on a good trip.

The idea behind the project is definitely going to make it stand out.

That will be really great if Asura will start to Host turnaments!

I like e - sport tournaments especially league of legends. I'm curious about Asura tournaments. I'm sure it will be very good quality. I'm excited about token sale.

You are set your mind on the revolution in gaming!

I can foresee that with the solutions that Asura is working on, the gaming industry will get bigger and bigger.

I take part in many local tournaments and yes they are not organised well with profession, so it will be great that Asura platform will resolve problems as mentioned in article.

Making it easy for people to organise and host tournaments on your platform will help grow the community and is a brilliant expansion strategy.

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