Asura World Ecosystem General Briefing

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Asura World Ecosystem General Briefing

This article continues on the subject of what it means for Asura World’s self-sustainable ecosystem to be on NEO.

We recommend everyone to read the introduction before continuing to read this article: what it means to be a self-sustainable ecosystem


Part 2 is a general briefing of Asura World’s ecosystem.

As previously mentioned, the four key functioning integrals for self-sustainability are:

  • Revenue Creation
  • Revenue Spend
  • Revenue Reason
  • Revenue Value

Together, it allows Asura World to become an ecosystem that both inputs and outputs revenue whilst evolving and developing by itself. Each is a key fundamental foundation in the operation and suitability of the ecosystem as a whole, without each one, the whole sense of self-sustainability would just implode. This article will briefly explain the structural principles of each key.

Revenue Creation

For an ecosystem to be regarded as self-sustainable, it would require a balance between input and output of income. Revenue Creation is the output; output users in the ecosystem are regarded as content creators in most cases as the largest source of output derives from Coaching & Guides and the Community Centre.

Content Creators are encouraged to create high level content for consuming users of the platform. Consuming users in return input Asura Coins to receive their preferred content, and thus content creators are rewarded Asura Coins as output. For users that aren’t at a high level of skill to create content, they can still earn Asura Coins in the community center through moderating & regulating the community. As the saying goes, you always get what you put in.


fig.1: A simple diagram sourcing Asura World Revenue Creations.

Revenue Spend

This requires the ecosystem to create an avenue path for consuming users to input Asura Coins. This is an extremely key component for the ecosystem, it could be viewed as the “fuel” for the ecosystem. For Asura World, the Revenue Spends are shown below in the image.

Asura World’s Revenue Spends are eSports Betting, Organised events and activities in the Community Centre, and Tournament Hosting [not shown in the diagram, but apart of the Community Matchmaking].3.jpeg
fig.2: Asura World Revenue Creations as shown in ecosystem.

Revenue Reason

Like anything in the world, there needs to be a reason for consuming users to “spend money”. Asura World’s principles behind the Revenue Spends are solely determined by the existing market of demand from the global eSport population.

eSports Betting — The same fundamentals of Sports betting, in a very general outline, fans have an opportunity to materialize their knowledge from the sport and capitalize on that. In the same instance if they could bet on their own favorite teams/players, it feels like they’re also indirectly supporting them.

Tournament Hosting — Host a tournament with absolute security and ease whilst also incentivized by profit is self explanatory. As for participants, tournaments are exciting events to showcase skill and win Asura Coins through it.

Community Centre — The Asura World Community Centre is a community driven environment, a place to lounge. Temporary and permanent events are held in the Community Centre whereas some of these activities will require a cost to use/play/win.

Revenue Value

The differentiation between something that’s worth $1 and something that’s worth $100. Asura World relates Value as Quality, something that is of high quality has value, and that value is perceived by consuming users. In the most basic explanation: if it works good and it looks good then it must be good, this motto is what drives Asura World to put a great deal of emphasis on design & development. Gamers can easily pick up on what’s good and what’s bad.


With these four functioning integrals, it creates a balance in the ecosystem, inputting and outputting, content creating and developing, this is what forms a self-sustainable ecosystem. The first of its kind in the world. Where everyone can input and output, where everyone can become content creators, and where everyone can direct the path of development for Asura World.


Please beware of scammers. Asura Coin will never request any form of contribution from you via email or private message. Do not send funds to any address without first verifying it. If you are unsure, please ask an administrator in our Telegram group to verify the message for you.

Keep an eye out for further details on the Asura World platform and the ICO, happening in Q2 2018.

For more information on the Asura Coin ICO







I've heard that NEO projects usually get high success rates. Surely this project will also achieve a high success rate. Also this is a revolutionary idea with Asura Coin

Greeting AMA post! More useful information at one post! Thank you

Asura project will be one of the best coins in the world. Because the concept behind the project is very attractive among the peoples in all over the world. Project team of this project is very talented and doing work hard. That is why telegram campaign reached 5K members within this short period. Contradulations Asura project and the team

To be a self sustaining ecosystem, each is a key fundamental foundation in the operation and suitability of the ecosystem as a whole, without each one, the whole sense of self-sustainability would just implode. This explained a lot, to be able to be successful ecosystem everyone should work as one team, one goal and one principle! You're the best project Asura coin, great concept with solid team!

Asura is doing a project that I want very much. And I think it brings the two worlds together.You have a great marketing strategy. I'm pretty sure this will be one of the most successful ICOs.

I think Asura Ecosystem will be very populer for the gamers world. It promise a lot of options to people. I will be the biggest community for the game market. And a good investment for retirement.

Asura World has protocols in place to mitigate piracy of the platform’s content, including domain whitelisting, IP restrictions for downloading, and more.

I am sure that the Asura ecosystem will evolve very quickly.

This Project will be a giant Step in Blockchain Technology. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency needs concepts like this. Participating to workshops and share this great concepts around globe is the first thing to do, Which You Guys doing here nicely !

Strong team with a great project. Love to be a part of this movement
and wishing a successful to all team members and developers.The most interesting project to date.
This Project looks promising. We hope for the success of the team.

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