Asura Coin Whitelist Registrations Open on April 22nd

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Asura Coin Whitelist opens on April 22nd

It’s happening! Asura Coin whitelist registrations will open on Sunday April 22nd at 9AM Central European Time.

Starting at 9AM on Sunday, you will be able to sign up for the Whitelist by visiting the Asura Coin website.

Whitelist registration process will be explained more in detail in the following week!

How Can I Whitelist myself (KYC process) for the crowdsale?

Crowdsale whitelisting will start on 9AM Central European Time (CET) on Sunday, April 22nd.
KYC/AML Whitelisting form will be made available on the Asura Coin Official Website ( at the KYC application start time.


Please beware of scammers. Asura Coin will never request any form of contribution from you via email or private message. Do not send funds to any address without first verifying it. If you are unsure, please ask an administrator in our Telegram group to verify the message for you.

Keep an eye out for further details on the Asura World platform and the ICO, happening in Q2 2018.

For more information on the Asura Coin ICO







Finally whitelist will open, me and my friends are really excited to join it! We can't miss this big opportunity, and it will be also on NEO blockchain! Great!

The team responsible for the project has decades of collective experience in global business, it, marketing, systems engineering, investment and more. This gives us confidence in the ability to develop and maintain a stable and growth-oriented project.

Good to know you are partners with various companies already existing which would make your project more reputable. This would be one of the projects that would truly be utilized by crypto community.

Whitelist is now officially open!!
WARNING Do not use an exchange wallet address! You will not be able to receive your ASA tokens in an exchange wallet.

This is a Great project friends..Don't miss this..Join fast guys...#AsuraCoin #NEO

Only one day to go kyc whitelisting, don't miss out the chance. Keep touch with Asura coin updates and news.

This gaming concept brought into the NEO blockchain is one of the most interesting thinhs the NEO will be doing best. I have seen it in other Blockchains, but knowing that whatever NEO brings is always super and different

This is a very interesting project. I m happy to get whitelisted. Good luck

This will be the biggest evolution in the Digital currencies when comes to eSporting. Asura coin provides a platform that creators getting paid directly without any commission to anyone which is explained in detail in this article along with other interesting updates.

Its just few hours to go for the opening of whitelist registration of Asura. Super excited.

Great idea brought to blockchain. My learned friends already found it interesting.

I like e - sport tournaments especially league of legends. I'm curious about Asura tournaments. I'm sure it will be very good quality. I'm excited about token sale.

Much awaited Whitelist registration of the year! Kudos to Asura coin team for making this happen and we all thank you to be part of it.

Only 1 day left. Too many ICOs todays which some may fail to fulfill their long term goal. Then I became skeptical of choosing the right one, now I'm gonna include this project on my ICO list coz the concept really hit my head. Asura to the moon.

All the same Asura guessed with the start date of the token of sale. The market has now assumed a bullish character, investors have begun pouring money into the altcoins. A good time to collect a hardcap!

promising ICO. Great to be part of this project. Cheers!

This is awesome! The all new whitepaper will boost this project to attract more investors!

Asura World platform is improved considerably over traditional centralized systems, also uses unique game-orientated betting rules for an immersive betting experience.
White-list now.

Exciting to know that Asura open whitelisting now! A trusted and secured project ,worth to invest.

I have recently invested in The Abyss but then I got to know Asura which has entirely different concept so I have decided to also invest in Asura. Call me FOMO, but gaming is my passion.

I really like AsuraCoin team member since the 1st time i'm participated on their bounty (1st stage). And i really like this project because it's based on NEO blockchain! good luck and success with the project 🎉🎉🎉

The research team is very dedicated, I feel comfortable investing in a project with such a professional team. It's new innovation that can make your project have the biggest loyal
Good LUCK!!

Much waited movement.thank you for this great opportunity to people.we are more than happy for events like this.this project is so much promising!

The platform evolves, adding new features. That's good the project.

Join the whitelist of this great project ! Asura Coin is going to be a revolutionary project in the industry!! Join now!!

Interesting and promising ICO. Great to be part of this crypto and believe in blockchain and Gaming

Everybody need to hurry up and regiser for the Asura Whitelist. I like this project and will call all my friends to join token sale!

The project differs from its competitors by an interesting concept and an unusual presentation of the material. The development team is creative and has good experience behind them. I decided to participate myself and tell my familiar investors about this ICO. Join us, it will be very cool! #Asuracoin

Really cool project. As an avid dota player i love the concept and am definitely gonna invest

I am confident of the success of this project too. The fact that it's a NEP-5 token is a huge advantage and brings with it a lot of support from the NEO community. This feels like it will be very promising.

Wow, Good news for Asura Fans. Assuracoin eGaming platform is best in crypto market with new innovations of Gaming industry. Great Concept. Never miss this chance. We Are waiiting to join with you.

A total of 1 billion ASA Coins will ever be created.
Crowdsale - 65% of ASA Coins (650,000,000) will be available for purchase during the crowdsale.
20% Bonus applies to the first 300,000,000 ASA Coins sold.

Great news. All the investors are eagerly looking for this whitelist registration. Superb project with a very interesting concept. So, this will be a great chance for all investors. Don't miss this great opportunity.

Bize böyle bir projeyi sunduğunuz için teşekkür ederim.Bu projeye yatırım yapmak hepimize kazandıracak.İyi günler

This is a nice opportunity to be a part of a very great project AsuraCoin. . Thanks for sharing full and my friends group are really excited to join it...

AsuraCoin is an innovative Project, it will change the e-gaming world with its breakthrough solutions built of NEO blockchain. Real-world use cases of the gaming world taken care of & will disrupt the gaming industry & take it to the next level.

Is the white list open? It should be faster to take a place in the list. So then do not stay with a broken trough.

This exciting ,cant wait to join, always happy to invest in any neo related project.

Asura project really deserves to give a shot!. So much exclusive features and solutions that were implemented by Asura that I strongly believe that they will succeed in ICO and after! Ave!

I am very interesting about NEO base project because NEO project is very unique and i also have high hope NEO will be value like a ETH so NEO base unque ICO projects like Asura Coin will be hype too. i do not need more reason to get Whitelisted. Thanks

This is a promising project. Everyone get whitelisted before it is too late. Asura is based on NEO which is a great competitor to Ethereum. Ethereum based ICO's are failing these days while NEO based ICO's rocking. Get whitlisted guys for amazing profits.

Asura Coin (ASA) is a NEP-5 token on the NEO blockchain that will power the world's first, self-sustained eSports platform on the world, called Asura World. Asura World would bring in some very cool features that would attract millions of professional and novice gamers to use this great platform and the associated ecosystem.

Amazing project, I'm sure this project will be promising, a great team will bring success in the future. If you have not decided where to invest your money, I recommend investing in the Asura project. In the near future, you are waiting for good dividends

@AsuraCoin will be really successful with such a wide field of activity! Now with Spanish Translated Whitepaper our community would grow. Good luck, Asura Coin

Hurry up guys! You stiil have chance to be a part of this awesome eSports project! Whitelist is only one chance to apply crowdsale

Few more days only for Asura coin Crowdsale. Don't miss it. You can get bonus in first 2 days. Keep it mind.

#Asura You have Top Contributors so you can be going great success

What is the minimum and maximum purchase? And also what about the value of a token. As well is there any discounts?

Computer games are very popular not only among teenagers and children, a large number of adults are also addicted to this way of entertainment, so Asura will be able to have a huge number of users, as everyone will want to get money for the game, and an adult and a child!

#Asura is very interesting project.ICO like Asura is still a newish concept to the Blockchain Technology.

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