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What is a W12?
W12 creates a decentralized infrastructure in which parties do not need to trust each other.
The protocol uses blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and addressability of transactions, smart contracts and oracles to ensure the control of implementation of the main stages of the roadmap by the project. The W12 solution also includes a platform that allows projects to raise funds via token sales without initial costs or special technical knowledge.

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Main markets for integration


KeyW12 advantages:

#Enhances the yield of the initial phase of the project investment more than ten times through the purchase of tokens
and reduce risk for investors.

#Returns up to 95% of funds invested in unrealized projects to investors.

#Provides the possibility to limit the sale of tokens by investors at the initial stage of the exchange immediately after the
ICO to prevent the decline in the price of the token (when the project activates the Token Hold function).

#Simplify the choice of private investor projects and transfer funds to trust management professionals.

#Allows projects to quickly attract financing without initial costs or any special technical expertise.

#Creates infrastructure for the decentralization of capital and establishes a new standard for safe investment in projects.

W12 Mission:
To create an environment and a decentralized infrastructure where trust between
parties in not necessary in any type of the deal and all controversial issues can be resolved quickly,
transparently and rightfully.

W12 Vision:
To become the largest global platform that will change the established centralized ways
of attracting finance, that are currently limited by geographical and political frameworks. To provide
every investor in the world with a decentralized solution that will building a global world future.

Which problems do we solve?
#SCAM or fraud;
#High risks of transferring funds to projects at the early stage;
#The lack of a mechanism for protecting crowd ICO investors and participants in charitable projects;
#Lack of transparency and high costs when implementing charitable projects;


ICO market & Crowdfunding

We need to build a more responsible ICO Generation 2.0. Something like W12's smart contract is definitely needed. A system to buy ICO tokens with refund guarantee if the projects do not deliver on their milestones



  • SCAM

  • High risks involved in investing in projects at the early stages. Absence of infrastructure for simple, reliable conclusion of contracts and their execution.

  • There is no decentralized infrastructure ensuring that the contract will be executed depending on the achievement of
    the main milestones of its roadmap by the project.

  • According to research, only 3,8% of ICOs that finished their Token Sales are successfully trading


  • We have built smart contracts that release ICO funds to the project only
    following the decision of its token buyers once the project meets its milestones.

  • This solution improves returns, because it is protects token buyers from around 96% of projects
    that never reach any milestones.



I am excited by the potential of cryptocurrencies and cryptogoods to change, and hopefully improve the way we raise funds for charity.



  • Lack of transparency
    Up to 60% of the young generation
    admits that transparency influences their decision to donate.

  • Intrusive charity advertisement

  • Expensive admin costs
    High marketing upfront costs and fund transfer commissions make smaller charities difficult to maintain

  • Am I making an impact?
    A frequent question from those who are willing to donate.


  • To create a transparent, decentralized infrastructure, where one can track the targeted use of funds.

  • Thanks to the W12 protocol, any party can create a DAO organization of the type they need, set up its roadmap and
    determine the use of funds. Each participant will be able to track and control funds, and assess the impact of the

  • This solution significantly reduces administrative and marketing costs and allows raising more funds for charity and
    socially meaningful projects.


W12 token distribution

Token lockup period:
The tokens are frozen by a smart contract for 2 years with the possibility of issuing no more than 1/3 of this per year to:

  • Team, advisers, founders
  • Reserve fund
  • Early long-term investors

Token price:
1 W12 = 0,00035 ETH. Discounts apply depending on the date of purchase.

Accepted forms of payment:

Token transfer:
W12 tokens will be transferred to customers through a smart contract after the end of each ICO stage. You can view the received tokens and confirmations of transactions in your account immediately after purchase.

Token emission:
Limited to 400 million tokens. Neither mining, nor any other method that allows for an increase in the number of W12 tokens can be applied.

Hard Cap:
The Hard cap is set in the number of tokens on each round of the token sale

Early pre-sale:
3,000 ETH

Private sale
14,500 ETH

Crowd sale:
5,000 ETH

All token sale rounds start at 12:00 p.m. UTC+0.

Early pre-sale
May 20, 2018

End date:
July 20, 2018 or when hard cap is reached (whichever is earliest)


Token price:
0,0002625 ETH - 0,0002975 ETH

Hard cap:
3,000 ETH

Private sale
August 1, 2018

End date:
October 15, 2018 or when hard cap is reached (whichever is earliest)


Token price:
0.0002975 ETH - 0.0003325 ETH

Hard cap:
14,500 ETH

Crowd sale
November 1, 2018

End date:
December 12, 2018 or when hard cap is reached (whichever is earliest)

Token price:
0,00035 ETH

Hard cap:
5,000 ETH

At the Pre-Sale and Crowdsale stages, the purchase price of a token is uniformly increased daily and corresponds to the discount amount at the beginning and end of a stage. W12 reserves the right to offer a reduced price for W12 tokens to long-term institutional and strategic token buyers.

Long Tail
From February 15, 2019

Every day a smart contract will produce and sell 140,000 tokens (0.035% of the total issue) for 1,000 days. The token value during the token sale will be determined using the formula Price = K / 140,000, where K = the amount of funds transferred to the smart contract per day. The token sale is conducted to ensure that the W12 platform and the W12 blockchain protocol functions correctly, so as to exclude situations where there are no W12 token sellers, or a token’s value rises to infinity, or when the maximum number of private investors are attracted to the platform.

Current distribution volume

Token info
Token W12
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

PreICO price1 W12 = 0.0002625 ETH
Price in ICO1 W12 = 0.00035 ETH

Pre-sale 33-20%
Crowdsale 15-0%
Tokens for sale 240,000,000

Investment info
Min. investment 1.5 ETH
Accepting LTC, BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO 60%
Hard cap 22500 ETH

ICO Market Development Vision
Despite the fact that the ICO market is growing so rapidly today, there is still no easy way to buy
tokens at the ICO stage of a project without significant risks. At the same time, the cost of raising
funds for projects is increasing; with considerable costs going to marketing, hiring consultants, and
financing technical assistance, which has a high negative impact on their implementation.


Quarter IV, 2017
Customer development, market research and project development.
Team meeting.
Platform architecture development.
Terms of Reference development and starting the marketplace development.

Quarter I, 2018
The alpha version of the W12 marketplace.
Terms of Reference development and the W12 blockchain protocol prototype development.
+100 projects will be added to the W12 marketplace.
Creation of project rating system.
Creation of token buyer training scheme.
Creation of landing page for implementing the W12 crowdsale.
Company registration in Singapore.
Start creating the project community.

Quarter II, 2018
Registering the W12 token buyers as White List participants.
Launching advertising and PR campaigns of marketplace and W12 token sale.
Implementing the Pre-sale of W12 tokens.
Development of the W12 blockchain protocol for issuance and sale of project tokens (with a phased disbursement of funds):
smart card templates for issuing tokens by projects.
DAO project fund with the possibility of voting by the token buyers.
web interface on W12 marketplace for projects to fill in the parameters of their crowdsale.
confirmation blockchain transations service (ETH, LTC, BCH, ETC, ADA, XLM).
Testing of W12 marketplace.
Start of assigning a project rating by the platform users.
Adding new features to the marketplace (Sandbox functionality, services and experts sections, bounty cabinet, further development of the Personal office).
Creation and A/B testing of high-converting landing pages for token buyers and project registration on the platform.
Adding at least 300 projects to the marketplace.

Quarter III, 2018
Launching and conducting W12 crowdsale.
Listing the tokens on exchanges.
The W12 protocol additional features development:
for selling tokens issued by projects outside the platform.
adding more cryptocurrencies to be used to buy project tokens.
automation tool to deploy smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain.
Testing of the W12 blockchain protocol.
Audit of the W12 blockchain protocol.
Audit of the W12 platform security system.
Developing additional functionality of W12 marketplace, adding pay services for projects.
Start of developing mobile marketplace application on Android and iOS.
Launching the beta version of W12 marketplace.
Advertising and PR campaigns of W12 marketplace.
Architecture development and Terms of Reference development for an exchange.
Partner agreements with private experts and rating agencies for scoring the platform projects.

Quarter IV, 2018
Launching the development of an exchange to provide liquidity and free token listing for the projects having completed the ICO on the W12 platform.
The first version of mobile marketplace application on Android and iOS.
Launching a fully functional W12 blockchain protocol.
Launching a service for buying ETH for fiat currencies (to further buy project tokens for ETH).
Advertising and PR campaigns of marketplace and mobile application.

Quarters I and II, 2019
Organization of the series of conferences and events all over the world to attract token buyers and projects.
Adding at least 300 projects to the marketplace.
Launching a service for buying major cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies.
Ongoing development of the exchange and PAMM accounts, adding new functions to the marketplace and the mobile application.o
Launching a scoring system providing the expert’s voting power being determined by the results of his projections and the real increase in the price of the token.
Testing of mobile W12 marketplace applications.
Mobile application security audit.
Release of a full-featured mobile marketplace application.
Signing partner agreements with cryptocurrency exchanges.
Advertising and PR campaigns of marketplace and mobile application.

Quarter III, 2019
Launching own exchange and platform for creating PAMM accounts (transfer of funds to trust management).





For more information about the investment projects please visit:

Website: https://tokensale.w12.io/?utm_source=bounty&utm_medium=bitcointalk&utm_campaign=blog
Whitepaper : https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf

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