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About the project:

victorieum - this task is a platform that pursuits to exchange the scope of banking. That is, in this project there will be such things as modern economic devices that users will want to carry out various operations. Further, those financial contraptions will provide customers without problems of use in the first location. This assignment will follow such generation as blockchain. I consider the blessings of this era, many human beings realize, however i will remind you once more. The most essential issue of this era is decentralization. Additionally, via the usage of clever contracts, the safety of operations may be accomplished. This security might be broadly speaking inside the protection of personal information of customers.

With the following generation of digital forex, victorieum token, this platform targets to penetrate the contemporary cryptographic market capitalization. The excessive level structure of the victorieum platform ensures that velocity and stability are continually a concern. We're revolutionizing the economic markets with great blockchain generation. The victory tokens are only the first step towards a huge map of cryptographic economics. As the platform advances, current economic devices for payment, alternate, banking, and monetary services might be provided to its clients.


Crypto change.

victorieumex has been designed to override the present day cryptomarket limits. With its subsequent generation dynamic architecture, victorieum change guarantees that the users are usually assured to experience seamless platform performance. Consider, speed, scalability and high-overall performance are what defines this new-age crypto-change.

Passive profits application
victorieum’s unique passive earnings program offers the customers with improved price for the victorieum token. Our token holders can gain month-to-month dividends up to 30%

Offshore financial institution.

a full carrier offshore bank for cryptocurrency traders, investors, and enthusiasts is victorieum’s one in every of many key capabilities. Our group strongly believes in blockchain technology and future of cryptocurrencies. Victorieum offshore bank will fully assist all of the cryptocurrencies and blockchain transactions for its stakeholders.

Crypto sponsored loans with hobby as low as 14%.

victorieum’s precise loan lending function will facilitate its customers to avail immediate loans against crypto property. Forget about approximately lengthy bureaucratic tactics and headaches. Debtors simply need to fill an software, follow four easy steps, and victorieum’s finance branch will approve it inside 24 hours. We're bringing the strength of crypto-financing for all of us.

Centralized finance reinvented.

with its next technology cryptocurrency, victorieum token, the platform targets to outrun the cutting-edge crypto-marketplace limits. Victorieum platform’s high-level structure makes positive that velocity and balance are constantly at precedence. We're revolutionizing the centralized finance marketplace with the amazing blockchain technology. Victorium token is simply the first step toward the grand roadmap of crypto-financial system. As the platform advances, trendy economic equipment for crypto-bills, exchanges, banking, and monetary services will be available for its clients.

Our pockets utility
victorieum’s digital pockets app will ensure problem-free crypto transactions for the customers. Pay, obtain and keep any virtual coin!

Our pockets utility.PNG

Powerful cell and on-line app

you may access your virtual victorieum wallet thru our seamless app thru cell tool or a laptop. Deploy the app on your smartphone or simply get right of entry to it online through the cloud network.

Transparency & pace

crypto traders and investors can now use virtual currency with no trouble without concerns. Victorieum’s extremely-relaxed design and outrunning overall performance ensures that customers get an unmatched revel in.


victorieum isn't always just ‘any other’ crypto platform. It is a flexible tool for trading, making an investment, exchanging, and banking crypto belongings, mixed with give up-to-end financial services.

Our ICO Distribution
Following is the depiction of Victorieum Tokens allocation/distribution.

ICO Funds Distributions
50% Obtaining banking licenses and maintaining the bank liquidity
20% Development and Integration of lending Platform and maintaining liquidity
10% Develop the exchange with latest technology and Security
10% Marketing and development of financial services
10% Investment portfolio in blockchain technology and financial products.

Our Token Allocation
The total supply of the tokens will be 1 Billion.

Our Token Allocation.PNG

Passive Income Program
Four passive investment program to be offered up to 30% from banking,exchange net profit :

Passive Income Program.PNG

  1. Lock your token for three months and receive 15% monthly from net profit.
  2. Lock your token for six months and receive 20% monthly from net profit.
  3. Lock your token for nine months and receive 25% monthly from net profit.
  4. Lock your token for twelve months and receive 30% monthly from net profit.

    For information your visit the official website:

    Outhor: Almasani


Outhor: Almasani
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