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As a result of our crypto currency, our investments, purchases and many other transactions have begun to be fulfilled through that currency. However, no matter how much we know about this area and currency, we cannot actively involve ourselves in this field or advance in any way because we cannot feel safe in terms of investment and other things. In today's article, I would like to mention the Crypto Market Cloud platform designed for individuals who have problems with their investments and crypto currencies and shame in this area because of the constraints mentioned above.

What is the Crypto Market Cloud? What are the advantages?

The Crypto Market Cloud platform was designed as the first platform with an automatic control system, designed using block chain technology plus the pioneer of crypto money exchange by providing various front security measures at the highest level.

Crypto Market Cloud already has crypto technology, ICs, chain blocks and systems that are already advancing with this field. During the next process, the Crypto Market Cloud platform is based on the advantages of mass funding applications that can bring together crypto changes and investors and entrepreneurs to avoid losing your future investment. As a platform operating system, it has built a standalone system that enables smart contracts to function perfectly. A separate social application is offered together for you.

The Crypto Market Cloud platform offers all the services you can and does not cause you to make big appointments. Therefore, the team does not focus on past losses and conducts various analyzes of future investments and secures your investment. The Crypto Market Cloud platform has transferred investment transactions from many traditional investment fields, such as crypto, to a broad level in terms of the level of supply offered to the public and has enabled large profits to be recognized at an early stage.


The Crypto Market Cloud Project has been designed in general for three purposes;

  • To provide peer-to-peer services where block chain technology is used and where participation consists of a majority of individuals.
  • To provide high level Crypto Market Cloud services to the public, provide public services, with easy access by each participant.
  • To create an ecosystem that allows individuals who are not knowledgeable in this field to easily make transactions and can benefit and to manage in decentralized structures, smart contracts, and automatic controls using their own currencies in the Crypto Market Cloud service.

Supply & Circulation Tokens

The current token is the standard ERC 20 token utility that has been created on the Ethereum network and has the ability and compatibility to do what every other ERC20 sign standard does.

Our signs and codes have been fully verified and approved by

CMC Smart Contract Address 0xb4a525631fb867ce79e6dd07b86b9a098501acd5

Name: CryptoMarketCloud
Symbol: CMC
Decimal: 18
Supply : 120,000,000.00 CMC

Further information visit the official website:

Author : Almasani

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