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Hello My Dear all followers and friends, My warm Greetings for all of you. I think all of you know about Cyber security platform. Yes this is the world's first distributed cyber security platform which name is LevelNet. this is one of my favorite project too. Lets share some point of LevelNet why i interested and why you should do invest on Levelnet.

What is doing Levelnet :
LevelNet offers preventive security measures at an aggressive cost of $0.99-9.99 for an yearly membership per end-client gadget.
LevelNet Network and End-Point App incorporates clients into a solitary all inclusive system of
cybersecurity. Trade information continuously about rising dangers on your gadgets. Joining all hostile to infection abilities into one Network.
LevelNet Cloud contains a database of occurrences and updates it progressively in this manner shaping a notoriety benefit for records and different items.

How it works :
The LevelNet framework gives cybersecurity measures against suspected records/infections/dangers distinguished
by any of the counter infection/cybersecurity programming applications show on the LevelNet organize. Suspicious
documents, infections, and dangers can be isolated/erased paying little heed to whether there is introduced antivirus
programming at the specific endpoint.
It is basically a system where every client trades data about IT security occurrences (infections
what's more, some other PC dangers) distinguished on their gadget with different clients continuously. This above
process is done to keep an assault coordinated at any gadget associated with the system. System clients
consent to trade such data in advance. Risk discovery is performed by checking the reaction of security frameworks introduced on the client's gadget. The reaction is examined by the customer programs that are found both on the client gadget and outside of it on different hubs of the system. After the investigation is finished, clients are advised of the danger. Clients get danger notices as readied groups of data with different organize conventions set up. The wellspring of the notice can be either the client gadget with an introduced customer program or other organize hubs conveying useful highlights of the program in charge of warnings. The customer program at that point obstructs the danger for all advised clients by means of particular program highlights, i.e., cautions, other includes then sweep for the wellsprings of the different dangers.

New Endpoint Security Protocol: The Only Cybersecurity Decentralized Protocol Able to Protect Against Zero-DAY Attacks in 30-180 Seconds.
Ongoing infection base refresh: every client shares his infection location information by secure convention in a constant. Along these lines, everybody shielded from another infection when it shows up.

You are secured by numerous antiviruses on the double. Each major antivirus programming has its own location techniques. Utilizing LevelNet you'll get points of interest of all. You should't set up some other antivirus on your gadget - everything is as of now settled in the system.

You acquire cash by utilizing Antivirus. Purchasing LVL Token, you get lifetime access to LevelNet's product and stage. Amid the ICO, LVL Token expenses $0.01 - tally free. After stage's dispatch the significant Security Soft enterprises will pay you for the infection location information on your gadget. Moreover, we want to tokenize infection recognitions in the closest future.

Utility Of LevelNet Token :
Absurdly low Antivirus permit cost if it's paid by Tokens (contrasted with rivalry)
The amount of tokens is settled. While amount of cyberthreats and new infections are recognized as a developing each day
LevelNet stage develops and get more grounded with the decentralized downloadable FREE antivirus application which permits mass market entrance
Unique Features of LevelNet Platform:
Faster threat detection than any other single Antivirus software in the world Thousands of virus databases in one token with preventive detection ability Endpoint Security App for desktop and mobile, dedicated corporate services

That's why your investment also secure..you can now buy Levelnet token ..

More Details of Levelnet token : The main purpose of this fundraising is for the development and launch of LevelNet with its accompanying products. Token owners will be able to use LevelNet services, the LevelNet ecosystem, and all its products, in addition to receiving use of intellectual property rights. It will be possible to exchange tokens for crypto shares in the second phase of the project.
Token Symbol - LVL
The issuer name is Level Capital
Total issued token - 1 500 000 000
Token price - $0.01
Soft Cap $1.5M - Hard Cap approx. $12M

You can Invest by Share there is another issuer name is Levelnet Foundations ( Owners of LVLS will have ownership and profit sharing rights, owners will have rights to be chosen in supervisory committee, to nominate the members of the Director Board, to choose the Fund's main investment and expenses directions. In this order to implement this we hired a team of Legal and finance and investment experts to design a second phase of our strategy).

Token Distribution:
Investors and participants - 80%
Advisors and mentors - 5%
Option pool -5%
Wings Platform - 3%
Bounty and Airdrop - 2%+5%

The LevelNet Project :

  1. The operating company based out of California;
  2. R&D centres located throughout the USA, Europe, Russia and Ukraine;
  3. The BVI parent company LevelNet Capital;
  4. A BVI investment fund

Level Capital :
Level Capital is the proprietor of the LevelNet venture source code, as per the organization's contract. It's a BVI partnership. As per the Agreement and Terms Of Use, Level Capital is required to set up an Investment Fund in the Virgin Islands, or will acquire a permit to complete venture exercises in the British Virgin Islands (or on the other hand in the Isle of Man). The kind of store and its structure will be resolved in light of the quantity of members.

LevelNet Inc :
LevelNet Inc. is the working organization. LevelNet Inc. is an enlisted California partnership (enrolled number C4046746) and an auxiliary organization of LevelNet Capital. Its enrolled address is: 34 Peach Bloom, Irvine, California, USA.

LevelNet Foundation:
The LevelNet Foundation will be a speculation reserve and future private restricted obligation organization enlisted in the British Virgin Islands or the Isle of Man. It will be authorized as a shared store to raise venture and give the assets to understand LevelNet's strategies for success. It is the benefit focus and the holder of all LevelNet money related resources. Responsibility for to 40% of the Fund will be separated among members. The individuals from the LevelNet people group are proprietors and dynamic members in the LevelNet Project

RoadMap :

Our Team

Follow Our Media :

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/levelnetwork/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/LevelNetwork
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/levelnet/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/levelnetwork/
Medium : https://medium.com/@LevelNetwork
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB6xtJLAFD-ovTTyr9JhjDw/videos
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/over18?dest=/user/LevelNetwork
Bitcoin Talk ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2212642
Telegram : https://t.me/levelnet_ico

Buy Now : https://levelnet.co/

Read White Paper : https://levelnet.co/docs/wp_en.pdf

My Details :

Name - Jahangir Alam
Bitcoin Talk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1856657
Eth Addrs : 0xF603E3D4C180c33aEbD92E3d5414E67184B7bb8c

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Thanks and follow the levelnet website. Really awesome project

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