The ASOBIMO project – profits and risks

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Asobimo is the first cryptocurrency project targeting the market of dated products. You can call it a virtual secondhand. It’s not that the idea of selling secondary content is new. It’s that Asobimo is the first ever company that has actually decided to create a fully-functional ecosystem devoted to it.


Asobino: The largest Japanese IT-company

The company has been operative at the market for 15 years. It’s counting over six hundred employees all over the world. The company includes several major software developers in Asia and Europe. Such are Quantum Games and Xiaoyou Network. The company had received quite some awards from Google Play and Appstore. The company’s apps and games downloads have reached the whopping number of 500000.

The secondary content realization and the main difficulties

The idea of selling secondhand stuff is definitely not new. The lack of vital technological tools prevented it from legal and convenient execution. These were the main difficulties to overcome:

  1. Ease of copying digital content
    Pirating is a technically illegal yet popular phenomenon. Pirating results in the developers losing their well-deserved profits. The developers can’t really fight it, and the publishers’ capabilities are limited by their country’s jurisdiction.

  2. Dynamic downloading and uploading
    A device’s performance depends on RAM. RAM’s capacity is crucial when it comes to the speed of processing the operations of gameplay. It leads to the necessity of simplifying the app in order for it to work faster and more stable on not top-tier devices.

  3. A large number of budget devices
    In order to comfortably play a new popular game, you'll have to purchase a powerful device. Their price is quite higher than of their budget competitors. In most countries, the market is saturated with budget devices. Ignoring the budget devices saturation will result in the loss of profits, and adapting a game to budget devices will result in the quality of the game decreasing.

The Asobimo solution

The Asobimo ecosystem offers a working problem-solver for the market. All thanks to the unique infrastructure, all of the main difficulties of realization of the secondary digital content are taken into account. All of the main problems are being addressed.


Basic components of the infrastructure

ASOBI Market based on the blockchain technology and consists of a number of options providing security and convenience of using it:

  1. The content sharing and search platform - it’s a specialized service designed for searching information or buyers.
  2. The DSS system and the blockchain technologies - basically it’s a kind of security that provides confidentiality.
  3. The project’s library – a huge pool of video, games, books, and music.

In ASOBI Market all the users will be able to buy and sell content from the secondary market. The Asobimo and Switex companies designed a special service for that – NAGA.

This service, or more accurately, this tool will allow you to make deals and share secondary content. Actually, NAGA Virtual is a profit option not only for the content owners but the publishers as well! The tool is designed to make digital content sharing between users and publishers.

The ecosystem’s token

The company is using its own token – ABX. The cryptocurrency is working on the Ethereum ERC 20 standard. The system’s transactions are Peer to Peer and are using the smart contracts. There is one peculiar feature – you can also use your tokens for purchasing all sorts of gaming stuff in the Asobimo.Inc apps.

The Asobimo capabilities

Each year the digital content market’s wideness greatly increases. The company had considered the demands and created the product that will make the usage of the digital content repeatedly possible. Using the platform you’ll be able to do the following:

  1. Selling digital books for the cryptocurrency.
  2. Selling in-game items like rare clothing or weapons.
  3. Selling music files.

This way you’ll be able to sell no longer actual content for cryptocurrency or exchange it for other content.

The developer crew

The company’s headquarters are based in Japan. These qualified specialists are developing the open-source ecosystem:

  1. Justus Perlwitz – ASOBI COIN Co-Founder, Technical Director
  2. Giouse Russo – ASOBI COIN Co-Founder, Full Stack Engineer
  3. Tomohiro Shinbo – ASOBI COIN Co-Founder, CTO
  4. Jiwon Jung – ASOBI COIN Creative, Director

On the development are currently working many engineers, programmers, and marketers. Scientists and outstanding businessmen from USA and Japan are being hired as the advisors.


The platform’s relevance

The Asobimo blockchain platform is a tool for lowering the number of pirate copies and protecting publishers and customers.

The platform will also be of use to gamers since the struggle of selling no longer actual digital content is a common problem. You’ll be able to sell any loot, books or music for cryptocurrency and buy what you actually need. Since Asobimo is an online-gaming market giant, it’s safe to say the platform will soon be an incredible way of getting profit.

The project’s official coordinates



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