SGAT - a unique system for doing business on the Internet.

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When you run your business, you'll never know exactly how your deal goes. Constantly during this process, there are problems that come from third parties who make payments, that is, from banks. Usually the money is credited quickly, but there are also cases when the delay does not depend on the Bank, for example, for technical reasons. The SGAT project minimizes the involvement of intermediaries in transactions and allows payments to be made using smart contracts.

The main task of the creators of the project is to develop a unique global system that will offer simplified smart contracts for various fields of activity, and they will be based on blockchain technology to ensure the safety and transparency of their work, as well as to create the automation of business relations.

Platform features
The work of the SGAT project will consist of several series:
The first series is based on blockchain technology to ensure high performance and security of all operations.

All kinds of smart contracts will be created in this series. It will be anonymous and open to users. The SGAT project is based on the CryptoNote Protocol, which has the highest degree of secrecy.

The second series is aimed at smart contracts and applications on the blockchain for different areas of activity.

This series is the most valuable. In it, users of the system will be able to access useful tools and services for merging smart contracts and blockchain technology in their business. This system interface was created using react technology, which provides maximum convenience and easy intuitive use of the program.
The third row is SGAT point. In it, users openly exchange their views on the need to improve the blockchain technology in order to better use it in a certain area.

Proper creation of smart contracts, continuous operation of blockchain applications, as well as the safety of personal data is provided by servers and cold storage.

Also in the global system SGAT can be identified some more features that make this platform simply unique: the creation of a properly developed unique blockchain application and smart contract; management of their personal accounts; verification of certificates and guarantee the safety of all data; intuitive and accessible interface of THE system.

The main coin of the project will be SGAT token. It can be used to purchase off-the-shelf solutions or to access various system tools. Token SGAT does not match ERC-20 and cannot be stored on any Ethereum wallet. Coins can be purchased during the ICO, and after its completion on various crypto-currency exchanges.

Date ICO
A total of 12 million coins will be created, 65% of their total volume will be available for sale, which will be 7.8 million coins. The price for 1 SGAT coin will be 1 Euro. The Softcap project will be equal to 1.5 million euros, and Hardcap - 6.5 million euros. Also, when buying from 200 euros will be charged a bonus of 15%. The following currencies are accepted to buy coins: ETH, BTC and EUR.

I think that the project should be considered by all those who want to promote their business on the Internet and to introduce a distribution register in their work for more transparent transactions. The SGAT project has no additional fees, allowing you to make payments quickly and easily. The project began to develop relatively recently and is currently being tested alpha version of the platform. Given the fact that the company is headquartered in France, it is safe to say that SGAT IS not a fraudulent project.

The absence of commission, adapted to the use of the application and the effectiveness of the project will allow you to work on the platform with maximum convenience.

Official resources of the project SGAT:


MY ETH ADDRESS: 0x417315cEed17C035d82E06942974b6965Eb80091


I think is good project. Office in France. I believe French. )) Let's look at the development. In any case, I wish success to the project. Alexander thank you for the article.

Отличный проект отличная работа мой друг. У вас всегда есть интересные проекты )

thanks for article, interesting project

Easy system to implement smart contracts everywhere

I think this project should interest Internet entrepreneurs.

Interesting project with specific goals! I am sure SGAT project will be successful.

technologies are becoming more advanced

The project was interested in. Thanks to the author for work!

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