Bravo - payment with a guarantee of anonymity.

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Modern technology does not stand still. Now everyone has a mobile phone, some have several digital devices. Thanks to the free access to the Internet and the possession of at least one such device, people can communicate with each other, share photos and music, it is also possible to make any purchases, with home delivery, in the online store, which saves time and nerves. In this case, there is a very big disadvantage – it is a guarantee of data security. But there are projects that solve this problem correctly and efficiently. Consider one of the few such systems in more detail.

Bravo is a platform designed for anonymous transfers, for those who want to reward for a job well done, as well as for other cash costs. The purpose of this project is to create the most user – friendly system in which you can make transactions confidentially, while remaining completely safe, thanks to the blockchain technology. This program was created in 2014, for the first time it was shown to the public in the 3rd quarter of 2015, and in 2017 it became available worldwide. The platform has already gathered more than thousands of users around the world. The Bravo system also has its own bravo pay wallet, which supports the relationship between the system token (BVO) and symbolic means. The BVO token is designed to reward users, as well as to be able to transfer as soon as possible by paying them.

The main features of the system are: the ability to leave your opinion about the people or place in which you were; the availability of revision of the history of transfers; the passage of registration instantly via e-mail, phone number or account on Facebook; adding a Bank account or card data.

I think that the introduction of blockchain technology will go as it should, because the guys have long planned to do it, just waiting for the success of the implementation of this platform. If this system is planned to add some additional features, such as trading on the stock exchange from the application, it will be the leader among the same platforms on the world market, which are based on mobile applications, especially in the rapidly developing countries, looking to the future.

Official resources of the project BRAVO:




Yes. Indeed, the blockchain technology is coming. BVO for the promotion is very good. Thanks for the review - this project.

I like the idea of ​​anonymity of transactions

Anonymous payments are really relevant now! Took this project to note)

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