ADAB solutions is a unique project coordinated with the Sharia rules.

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, it is the second largest. Muslims make up about one billion and seven hundred million people. They follow their faith and observe the rules of Scripture - the Koran. In order for a Muslim to be able to take advantage of something new or participate in a project, he needs to get a special permission from the Sharia, which is considered by all the rules of Scripture. The rapid development of modern technologies and the emergence of cryptocurrencies create uncertainty in their use by Muslims. Sharia has no clear rules for the use of cryptocurrency and therefore a Muslim has no opportunity to use it. Muslims don't know if they can use cryptocurrencies. To date, it is necessary to create a system in which the functions agreed with the Sharia will be created for the use of Muslims, as well as a Council that will check the appropriateness of operations with cryptocurrency. To this day, no project has been invented to introduce cryptocurrency into the world of Muslims, but today we will consider one of the unique in its kind platform ADAB solutions, in which everything corresponds to the norms of Sharia.

To solve this problem and bring Muslims closer to the world of cryptocurrencies, the one-of-a-kind ADAB solutions project was created. Its program includes significant representatives of the Muslim world, who will be responsible for the process of interaction between the Muslim and cryptocurrency world. The FICE exchange will be a versatile solution for attracting Muslims to the world of cryptocurrencies. All kinds of cryptocurrency exchange will work in accordance with the rules and laws of Islam, and it will be available to all users, regardless of their religion.

The main difference between this project and others is that the Sharia Advisory Council takes decisions. The peculiarity of the ADAB solutions project is that the system is managed in accordance with the Islamic management model, in addition to the General rules of doing business.

Sharia law is observed in many countries located both in Europe and in other countries, the uniqueness of this technology will create a new market system. This system will become the main one for the cryptocurrency market and increase its authority among Islamic States. The project has the highest security and transparency, as well as uniqueness, thanks to the blockchain technology.

The coin of the adab solutions project can be exchanged for symbolic money, as well as for any kind of cryptocurrency. Coins can be used to pay for different operations within the platform, then of course, the number of coins will decrease to create an increase in their value.

The name of the coin - ADAB
The total number of coins for sale-345 million
SoftCap - $ 2.5 million
HardCap - $ 18.7 million
The cost of one 1 coin-0.1 dollar
Minimum purchase 1 thousand coins ADAB

Through this system, the world of Muslims will be able to safely use the cryptocurrency. In this project, they can simply use it without cheating, in accordance with Sharia law, without violating the laws of their religion. The platform will be able to use all the inhabitants of the globe. I think this project will be a success.

Official resources of the ADAB Solutions project:


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An interesting combination of blockchain and religion. I hope this will help strengthen the cryptocurrency

Thanks for the interesting and detailed review, I will follow the project.

Um... An interesting article! I will explore the project more

An interesting project. If the team succeeds in realizing all of its plans, this should lead to the creation of a global cryptocurrency platform for both the Muslim people and the entire world.

great company and good ratings. Inshallah

Thanks to the author for the review, many aspects have cleared up.

a quarter of the world's population - Muslims, of course, need such a project

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