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Every day, the appearance of new digital currencies can be monitored on the Coinmarketcap website. Usually 2-3 newcomers appear every day.

Crypto currency is becoming more and more useful for the society, many projects have serious chances to densely enter our everyday life. Developers try to create digital products to solve some specific problems. Agrolot is one of such products. We will talk about it in this article.

What is Agrolot?

Agrolot is a full-scale decentralized platform carrying a noble goal - to help small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises find buyers from different countries, avoiding significant monetary losses on the way from the producer to the interested parties.

Agrolot offers favorable conditions for agricultural crops and food products trading, which will be available as part of the blockchain technology based on smart contracts. Entrepreneurs are insured with safe delivery of goods at the necessary destination and their safety. Everything of this this will be achieved thanks to a number of reliable partners.

The developers analyzed all the problems enterprises may face when entering the international market related to finance, logistics, storage, insurance and quality control. They offer rational solutions to eliminate unnecessary intermediaries from the trading chain.

All calculations on the platform will take place in a specially created for this purpose crypto currency - OFIR (Operative Food International Register). It will be exchanged for Bitcoin, Ethereum, any altkoins or fiat money. Transactions will be fast and secure.

Reasons to create Agrolot

The developers give expert assessments of the agrarian industry, where it is said that it accounts for a quarter of the world GDP and is constantly growing and developing. In most developed countries the agricultural industry has a leading position, so that a significant growth in the volume of trade in agricultural products is expected for the future.

Markets are becoming more open, small and medium-sized enterprises can reach out far beyond their region of location. Simply concluding contracts with foreign residents to supply products is not so easy and profitable. Entrepreneurs are faced with the peculiarities of international legislation, they need to find highly qualified specialists in face of lawyers and international economists, and there are intermediaries who are offered to accompany the goods at all stages along the way from point A to point B for a consistent price. The final consumer is cut off from the manufacturer of logistics, insurance and other companies.

Small businesses do not take risk of going into big trade, as they cannot produce and supply large quantities of goods. Besides, agricultural products require rapid implementation, but the bureaucracy associated with filling out endless paperwork for a foreign supplier hampers the whole process.

These circumstances made Agrolot developers challenge the modern foundations and create a platform that will simplify the work of small businesses that want to offer something worthwhile to the world.

Principles of work of Agrolot

Agrolot is a global B2B platform where registered users as manufacturers and buyers can create and enter smart contracts among themselves. The site allows to reduce the price of agricultural products due to the lack of spending on intermediary services and offers smaller enterprises more simple conditions for entering new markets.

Users will be able to share information about their products and track the dynamics of prices for food products from various world points. Each type of product will be classified in the platform registry and the price will be displayed in OFIR units.

Thanks to Agrolot, any person located even in the most remote point of the globe can sell or purchase agricultural products in foreign markets at any time with no worries about any issues related to logistics, cargo safety and risks of financial losses. And everything you need for this is just a smartphone.

Transactions will be carried out in a few clicks using smart contracts and using an electronic digital signature, while the Agrolot platform will act as a guarantor.

This form is economically viable and effective for both sellers and buyers. All transactions through the use of blockchain technology will be safe and transparent. There will be an opportunity to make the most profitable sale of agricultural products and purchase it directly in the necessary quantity and high quality.

As a result, manufacturers and consumers get almost unlimited opportunities in the field of international trade, while the platform will take care of the most challenging issues faced by enterprises when trying to enter the international market.
To start working on the platform of Agrolot, you need to register on the official website of the project. Registered users get access to a special register, where they will have an opportunity to act as a seller or buyer of agricultural products.

The buyer acquires a number of OFIR through an official or third-party online exchanger, looks for an interesting offer from a seller and enters into a smart contract with him. After that, Agrolot starts processing the transaction - communicates with the logistics partners to organize the delivery of the goods. While the buyer does not receive the ordered product, the corresponding amount of OFIR is frozen. Once the goods are delivered and it is of good quality, the seller receives a crypto currency and can exchange it directly on the Agrolot website or on special services for digital or fiat money.

Development team and project partners

The project team has 12 people from various professional fields. In addition to IT professionals and cyber security specialists, there are lawyers and trade analysts, which indicates that the team is seriously suited to the development of Agrolot.

Among the partners are noted:

  • "GFK" company, which specializes in trade of agricultural products in the markets of CIS, Europe and Asia.
  • Law Company "Lagard Consulting";
  • Kinay Group, a world-class logistics company;
  • insurance companies - IC Megapolis and Ask Broker LLP;
  • IT-company "Ofir Media";
  • inspection and certification companies "SGS" and "Bureau Veritas Group"
  • Top Class company, which specializes in business, accounting, tax planning, management, legal and information technology services.

Where can I buy the OFIR crypto currency?

The developers decided that OFIR will be sold only on the domestic exchange or exchanged for crypto currency or fiat money on online exchangers.

The coin does not come to external exchanges - this solution will allow to exclude possible manipulations with the price.

The OFIR course will be fixed - $ 10 per unit.

What is an AGLT token?

AGLT is a token created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain according to the ERC20 standard, which can be perceived as some share of the Agrolot project itself.

A total of 100 million tokens will be emitted, of which:

  • 45.25 million will be frozen for three months and subsequently used to implement the project of the agricultural holding;
  • 23 million will be realized in frames of the ICO;
  • 20 million will go to the developers and founders of Agrolot, they will be frozen for half a year;
  • 9.75 million will be distributed as bonuses and within Airdrop.

The initial price of the token under the ICO will be fixed. 1 AGLT will be equal to 1 dollar. ICO will be conducted in four stages. Depending on the stage, investors can get some bonuses when buying tokens - from 100% to 7% of tokens.

If you want to buy a little AGLT, the minimum participation threshold is 0.5 ETH.

In the short term, AGLT will be available on domestic and foreign exchanges. After the third stage of the ICO, circa in October, the token will be traded on the domestic exchange in pairs with Bitcoin, the Ethereum and the dollar.

Mining of AGLT is not possible.

Guarantees and security level of the Agrolot platform

  • Before starting the system, the security level will be checked by an independent auditing company.
  • Each financial operation will be provided with real agricultural products.
  • All personal data of users will be stored on Amazon EC2 and S3 servers to ensure a high degree of protection against DDoS attacks and other risks.
  • Servers in Singapore, Netherlands, Germany, the United States and Switzerland will provide the work of the detachment.
  • Only reliable international logistics companies are involved in cooperation to ensure uninterrupted deliveries.

The completeness of supplies and volumes will be provided by an unusual decision on the part of the developers of the project - by creating an agricultural holding for 50,000 hectares of land, which will be used to grow, store and process the most liquid crops (sunflower, corn, wheat). The facility will be located in the south of Ukraine, in Zaporozhye, Odessa, Kirovograd, Mykolayiv or Kherson region, where the average cost of long-term lease of a hectare of land is estimated at $ 2,500, taking into account the necessary agricultural equipment.

The company will search for suitable agricultural activities, after which an audit will be conducted. All information about the process will be publicly available.

After putting the facility into operation, it will not only increase the volume of trading on the platform, but also bring additional revenue to both the company and investors.

An agricultural holding will begin to form after the end of the third stage of the ICO, when the necessary amount of funds will be collected. By 2020, the company will begin to pay dividends to investors.
The territory of Ukraine is not chosen by chance - here fertile land can be purchased at a low price. Climatic and geological conditions make it possible to create an advanced agricultural enterprise.

Project Agrolot: forecast and prospects

The road map of the project includes stages of development up to 2021.

During this period, representative offices will be opened in dozens of strategic points of the world. At the first stage, about 10 Agrolot representative offices will be opened for legal, logistical and insurance support to buyers and sellers.

We will work on advertising the site of Agrolot, the developers will conduct ICO, where they plan to raise $ 25 million, launch Airdrop and a referral program.

All actions will be directed to launch and popularize the site, and then to purchase and work on the agro-holding.

The fact that the project unites the crypto industry with the real sector of the international economy is a big advantage. Now more and more projects are gaining popularity, which have practical application in everyday life, and not just offer the exchange of unremarkable coins.

If the developers act according to the proposed road map, the project has every chance to stay afloat in the future.

The team does not set itself the goal of overshadowing Bitcoin or competing with it, they offer a rational solution that will facilitate the entry of small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises into the international market.

Agrolot is a specific, narrowly focused project with a good idea, which can fly up rockethigh. Especially if the developers will be able to enlist the support of partners with a worldwide reputation.


Agrolot is a functional platform, not a crypto currency for gambling.

The price for domestic currency will be fixed, thus developers wanted to exclude the possibility of price manipulation and to emphasize the possibilities of blocking and smart contracts technology the future stands behind of.

The project is designed to connect small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with customers, ensuring the safety of the products supplement and financial security.

Agrolot is promising in terms of long-term investment, but it may not meet expectations if developers do not work on the platform according to the plan.

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