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This is the solution we've been dreaming of.Do not miss this life changing project guys.

Consumers are becoming less tolerant regarding the digital ads that are increasingly intrusive and disruptive, while also putting at risk the end users’ security because of infection with malware software. Additionally, increasingly sophisticated tracking techniques are used to gather comprehensive regarding users without their knowledge or consent. Sometimes even very sensitive information are collected and then sold by big companies to the highest bidder for huge profits.

The Online (OIO) token is an unique digital asset that will unleash the Internet from ads, malware and tracking software, leading to a more enjoyable and secure browsing experience, with sizable benefits for both web operators and end users.

The OIO tokens will also function as a proof of stake and generate ICE Tokens, which are in turn mined based on the time spent by end users on websites that implemented the OIO solution. A fixed number of ICE tokens will be generated every week, which will be distributed both to website operators and to OIO token holders who keep their tokens on a special wallet.

Benefits for end user
• Ad-free
• No malware
• Non trackable
• Community of trustworthy websites

Benefits for web operators
• Increased qualityof webpages
• Improved load time and bandwidth
• New and untamedfinancial revenues

Pre Sale
June 15th-19th - 25% bonus
June 20th-24th - 20% bonus
June 25th-29th - 15% bonus
June 30th-4th July - 10% bonus
July 5th-9th - 5% bonus
July 10th-31th - no bonus

Max OIO tokens: 2,5 Billion
OIO token price: $ 0,04

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