Bee Token : Upcoming ICO : AirBnB with cryptocurrency

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“Sharing economy” has been the buzz word among VCs over the past few years. The sharing economy is a model where consumers engage in a peer to peer exchange of goods and services via an online intermediary. Services offered via sharing economy are usually cheaper than those being provided by a product-centric organization. Uber and Airbnb are the prime success stories of this model, each valued at $60 billion and $30 billion, respectively.

As good as they may seem on paper, currently available sharing economy models are ripe for disruption. In exchange for simply connecting the users, platforms like Airbnb extract high commission fees from them. While Airbnb is now valued at $30 billion, none of this value has gone back to the guests or the hosts, who have powered this growth.

Investment Details
Token Type: Utility
Platform: Ethereum
Symbol: BEE
Initial value: 1 BEE = $0.14
Pre-sale: Sold out
Public Sale: Jan. 31, 2018
Public Sale Bonus: No bonus
Hard Cap: $15 million for 30% supply of the total 500 Million BEE tokens
Jurisdictions Barred from Participating: U.S., Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong

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I am also interested in Bee token, can't wait for the ico sale!

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