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Hey everyone!

In my experience as an early crypto enthusiast I've noticed that the next best thing to trade into a new coin early and hodl for long term is to get in on the initial coin offering which often offers bonuses to early participants and makes it worth it even more in the long run. Having said that it is of course often also more risky to do so.

The bigger the risk the higher the potential reward.
The risks are often that your coins are locked away during the ICO and you have to wait for the project to enlist their tokens on more exchanges before you are able to change your mind and once enlisted there is no guarantee that they may hold up to their initial value. This is of course not a problem for those looking to hold them for the long term.

Other risks may be that the project and team behind it are not trustworthy and may just take your initial "investment" and run off with them. This also happens some times but it usually comes along with a lot of red flags beforehand.

In one of my latest posts I shortly talked about ParagonCoin and how it was hard to identify its legitimacy since most of the discussion was running on centralized social media platforms where it was being gamed by users with ulterior motives. I am glad the smoke.network team have their own Steemit account and have been posting here actively where any discussion, concern or questions are immutable and trying to censor/silence them is noticed by everyone on the platform. I hope others will also join Steemit for that reason alone in the future.

I noticed this new project called the Smoke.Network and wanted to do a short review for my readers who have shown interest in my trading recommendations on the Alt-News posts and would like to know how they can get in even earlier on promising ICO's like I believe this one is.

The Smoke.Network aims to become a social media platform on the EOS blockchain. Similar to sites like Leafly where users can review, discuss and upload images of their favorite strains - here they get rewarded with Smoke tokens for their activity. The cannabis industry is growing constantly and legalization of it happening in more states and countries over time.

If you are a reader of the subreddit r/trees you'd understand that there is a lot of activity involved and having that attention incentivized with tokens on the network is a great idea. This also includes censorship resistance and immunity of your contributions to the network.

Users will be able to upvote and downvote content and its reputation based much like the Steemit platform.

I personally believe this could become really popular due to the growing cannabis community and companies getting involved in it lately. Not to mention the number of different strains is growing constantly so there will always be room for discussion, reviews and interaction between its users.

Its already seeing some popularity and activity among famous people tweeting and talking about it!

This tweet was later also retweeted by the rapper "The Game" who is participating in the ParagonCoin. For those who don't know, Raekwon is a rapper and a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.
Maybe this will also awake some interest in Martin Shkreli who bought the famous one-copy album of Wu-Tang Clan. ;)

The CEO of ParagonCoin Jessica VerSteeg recently also retweeted a post by our very own Steemian @eirik who made an incomparable comparison between the two projects!

I highly suggest everyone who is interested in this project to read the whitepaper before making a decision to be a part of the ICO which can be found on open.ledger or on Tokenlot which allows you to invest with Ethereum.

On their website you can find more information about the Roadmap, News regarding the project and who the team behind it are. So far I learned that they have part-time devs working on it and are currently hiring!

I personally believe this might be a really great project and am looking forward to see how it will develop.
For disclosure I have invested in Smoke tokens myself and am going to buy some more before the ICO ends on the 15th of this month. Currently there are 57 million tokens left out of 84 and if they all don't sell the rest of this first coin offering will be burnt.

Feel free to discuss this ICO in the comment section, make sure to read about it as well though in the links provided!


Very interesting!, Im gunna have to do some research on this one. Right after I pack a bowl!

It sounds like a good idea.. I wish they were planning to do it on Steem rather than EOS, but oh well, that's how it goes. I'm just glad it isn't yet another clone of PotCoin, it's actually a novel approach to the marijuana cryptocurrency space.

Thank you for reviewing Smoke.Network @acidyo.

It is an honor.

  • Just to let everyone know, we are currently busy fixing up our Alpha that runs on the Steem chain for now. (It should be running again in the next day or two!) :D

  • We are also holding a competition and giving away over $500 in SWAG!

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Just looked y'all up here on steemit and your website... y'all got yourself another follower... and maybe another investor after I do a bit more research. Peace

Best wishes with this...! If its well done and with the same care that a plant need when seeding this will grow! My best to this smoky network

Thank you for the support!

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't be surprised if this coin takes off heavily in popularity. Pot has become such a normal thing these days due to legalization, it's not that shocking that potcoins are popping up and gaining traction. Interested in seeing where it'll be after a few months to a year. Good share, man.

Also, I can't get over that signature art being so damn nice, lol.

If it's risky then for sure the reward is high, so just invest enough that you can afford to lose.

You're right @asbonclz. That's the golden rule of investing: "Invest what you can afford to lose"

There are a lot of cannabis related ICOs coming up nowadays.
And love the new banner :D

Indeed ^^ and thanks :D its really awesome. @overkillcoin did an amazing job with it!

Pooring acid haha, yes now I got it!

Just found your account. And your articels. I like the funny gif at the end of your post. haha i watched it like 20 seconds :))
You just found a new follower :)

The tokens might even be worth more in the long run if you can toke on 'em. Tokem tokens! Sounds like a win-win!

Great.. to participate in ico. Need to do some research before join it.

Very interesting, but unfortunately marijuana is still illegal in my country. Lol xD

China has ban all cryptocurrency ICO,s due to illegal .. I think other countries can take action against ICO,s. So should invest after review all the circumstances.

Where there is smoke, there is a fire.
Where there us a fire, things are H-O-T

when things are H-O-T its definately a BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!

Have a nice day
You wrote so beautifully, that started to follow you.
Thank you. For your great writing and for sharing

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Peace in Blunts Fam

Great review, man must be high on this one!! :)

This is awesome - a SteemIt for weed.
And imagine the feeling when you are high and browsing it!

@Acidyo Amazing Wake n Bake read. I'm very interested, Going to research @smokenetwork This is a great opportunity for the cannabis industry.

I need a toke before I start doing research on this token ! ;)
There are few similar ones already, but this looks more promising !
Gotta keep my red eyes on this one, definitely ! ;)

@acidyo very brief explanation thank you

Great post! I love it when I'm reading informative posts about cryptocurrencies and possible good investments. Keep up the good work @acidyo! I'll follow you from now on . If you have some time please visit me too @tiffanyrej

I got some smoke coin in my BITSHARE DEX already. I will keep the coin to see what comes out of the network. Thanks for sharing this @acidyo

Sounds interesting,need to read more information about this before making any decisions, but it might be something good to consider😊Thank you for sharing @acidyo

"The bigger the risk the higher the potential reward." Well said @acidyo

Pot has always been in question towards its legalization and I won't be surprised seeing it on top .

I'm gonna trust you on this one and i;m gonna invest a little for myself because i saw you have an eye for this kind of things...and i am new here.

This is new information for me. Thanks for the review. Yes, the higher the risk, the greater the possibility of reward, it's true!

thanks for your information @acidyo

I thought this us about cigarrete but i am wrong..Lol...but the information

Now with the recent ICO block by china it will be hard to start a new coin.

In as much i will say this is risky but life alone is risky. Thanks duddle for this will surely go into it.

Very intresting Thank you for reviewing Smoke.Network

Its very interesting, great post, Good job!

You know what really get's my attention? Your gif..very cool and it features the reality..soon!love it..

Smoke coins? OMG :D we will get money via cannabis?

It's interesting to see how this is developing following extended legalization, I doubt the UK will get that broad minded in the near future but I suppose we will see.

nice, i like it the your post thanks.

Very interesting!

this is a great post from you. i will have a look on it. uprooted

YES! Thank you for the info on this ico, id say this wil trend.. Buying early is my strategy with cryptos... I think its the best way for higher profits, albeit risky. YOLO! ahahhah...

bought few coins .... cannabis is like gold early in the USA

wow nice info,....i like it..

Looks like a pretty cool network. Gonna check it out thanks :)

Edit: Lol the market is red from the latest China news.

this is a brillant concept. Its good to see big names behind it already fueling the fire for future growth. The continued spread of legalisation around the US could really open up a massive market for smoke tokens. As an avid smoker, Im gonna have a look and do some research, but it sounds like something I certainly want to be a part of. Thanks for the post @acidyo. and thank you @hanzkiboy or sharing this post with me. you guys rock. following and resteeming!

Very good & interesting ... Thank you.

I love weed, and i love this post.. brilliant.

I like your blog, how you explain keep going @acidyo

So good to know about that. I love in a country in where cannabis is legal and we are full of this... hehehe. A friend of mine invested in other alt coin about cannabis. And has no goos experience... we need a serious proposal like that. So now is maybe rime to smoke that coins.. i ll check that.. thanks man

Very interessing ico @acidyo China bans ico it will impact this one

Hey thanks for the info... I'm a avid weed smoker and half ass crypto investor.. I'll certainly be doing some more research on this

well new to me will be checking it out and yeah as you said the higher the risk the better will be the reward :) true that is

Great post @acidyo nice initiative, you did a great job about trading coins!

That looks very interesting for me. I am a medical cannabis user and grower a platform like this can be very useful have to read the whitepaper. I have some Potcoins and Hempcoins. I think that crypto currencies are very helpful for the cannabis industry which is growing every day bigger and bigger but farmers and dispensaries have a big problem when it comes to banking. Any money earned from the production or sale of cannabis is federally illegal. Under federal law, banks must disclose cannabis related transactions as suspicious activity. This problems can be better managed with cryptos and blockchain technology. Thanks for telling us about the Smoke.Network always good to check your blog btw your gif is damn cool love that acid cat :)

Will be looking into it.Thank you!

Good read! This post is really infotmative as i am looking forward to invest too. Thank you!

Great post. Thanks for 100% like and resteem

please help me, i just joined in steemit, please vote and resteemit: '(:' (: '( @acidyo

Always bringing useful information to good advantage, is at risk, those who do not take risks do not earn anything at all. but if it works, the risk was worth it!

@acidyo your post is interesting .

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for the info

very interesting i wanna explorer the ico offering

More information for me to check out.

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good point

Love the review. My problem is I am so overwhelmed with all the amazing ICOs and other investment opportunities right now that I can't make up my mind. I don't have enough funds to invest in them all, but I feel like a kid who was just taken to a bakery and for the first time ever their Mom tells them they can get anything they want - in fact they can choose 5 things. And they're looking around at giant penuche frosted fudge cakes, apple pies, chocolate éclairs, tender glistening cruller donuts, pfeffernusse, jam tarts, gingerbread men, and the kid is whirling around getting dizzier and dizzier, unable to make a choice!