What ICO are you watching?

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Hello people,

What ICO's are you currently hawking, I'm looking for some low hardcap GEMS!

Currently my main ICO's are as follows:
Ontology(when it hits exchange)
Bridge Protocol

So far I've been in 4 ICO's

  • APEX Pre-sale + Crowdsale
  • Wabi Crowdsale
  • Fortuna Pre-sale + Crowdsale
  • Dadi Crowdsale
    I missed Matrixchain unfortunately.

I'm mostly looking for pre-sales as I'm getting tired of these low 1eth individiual caps in crowdsales...I happen to make 10+ KYC per crowdsale just to get a small investment in..and sometimes I don't even manage to fill up all my accounts if they sell out fast.

I hope to be in a private group for pools eventually though.

Let me know what you guys interested in.


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