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MODULE is creating a platform that may allow users to hire additional memory on the computers or other equipment - including smartphones and tablets - that can be utilized within a blockchain, for just about any data storage purpose.

The company's groundbreaking software hopes to handle problems inherent in existing blockchain services - excessive power consumption and tacit centralization - by allowing even users with low-powered hardware to web host some of the blockchains within a cloud system. The business is likewise releasing its cryptocurrency, the MODL token, which will be necessary to access its platform.

Consensus algorithm:

The POST distributed storage network is capable of doing data storage and info transfer functions (such as for example downloading) in two marketplaces. Both markets are info storage market and info service market. Your client and miner decide the cost of the service, contact form the order available in the market, and method each order. The forex market originated by POST including Content (Space of Proof Space) and POTT (Proof Time and Purchase). Users can safely save their info anytime. Finally, the miner works with the blockchain by creating a fresh block, and the miner is usually regarded as the result existing in the brand new neighborhood is generally proportional to the number of storage spaces, situations, and transactions currently presented in the network You receive the possibility to get it.


You can access and access info from the MODULE solution to store and manage info privately, safely, independently, and quickly. The info asset is placed in the Blockchain address. The Blockchain address may be the only user that may access it. Please utilize the idea of Secret Sharing Program. Borrow space to get started on mining - convenient with MODULE. Work with block chains to quickly deploy your services and pay info, data storage, and offerings. Using tokens, repayment of program integrity and prize funds miners, compensation to developers and contributors, support of scientific laboratories and universities, the creation of affiliates and loyalty devices, etc

Employing of blockchain:

Ways to hide records recorded in block chains through individual key management have already been produced. One obstacle in managing sensitive details using block chains usually is that you have to disclose info on block chains to the complete user community. Nevertheless, by merging blockchain technology and key division, higher protection and comfort should be expected. In this manner, blockchain can be utilized in various areas such as for example finance, distribution, source chain, official document supervision.


The MODL MODULE is an excellent compatible Ethereum ERC-20 toke. Private pre-sales will be placed from 15th June to 31st July 2018. From then on all sales of general public ICO will become started and will work until 15th August. A dark ale, pre-sales customers, get yourself a 7% discount, but MODL token costs $ 0.008. The MODL token Soft cap is usually 5M, the hard hat is 30M.

Evaluation MODULE:

The platform MODULE has an attractive option for blockchain-based applications. Just about all programs that utilize this technology rely on a comparatively small user network that uses powerful components and can certainly not achieve the finally wanted decentralization. Programmers considering growing distributed applications have to find the MODULE program after release. However, plenty of hosts is essential for smooth operation.

Investors enthusiastic about MODL tokens should make clear the architecture of the program at length and carefully browse the whitepaper that meets the necessities of software developers. Shareholders should understand that products remain in the development level so that returns will never be experienced for at least almost a year.

MODULE rating:

The MODULE concept offers a motivation option for block-chain-based applications. Most courses that utilize this technology rely on a comparatively small user network that uses powerful components and eventually neglect to accomplish the variance that users need. Programmers thinking about growing distributed applications should think about Modul's platform after discharge. You must have enough hosts to ensure that the host to job smoothly.

Investors enthusiastic about MODL tokens should carefully browse the company light paper that describes the broad architecture of the program architecture and addresses the quick needs of program developers. Investors should take into account that because products remain in the development level, they will not have the ability to earnings for at least a couple of months.

Dear reader, this is merely a brief history of the reason, benefits, and opportunities which can be gained from this groundbreaking project.

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