AVAILCOM: New Generation’s First Choice

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Introduction of AVAILCOM:

AVAILCOM - Rent a fresh generation of real estate from keyless access. Society is moving inexorably ahead. Today we cannot imagine our lifestyle without using modern systems. They have made changes in almost all regions of our lives. One particular innovation may be the cryptocurrency. Of lessons, its popularity isn't as excessive as we wish. However, the task of society is usually to propagate these rewards. There are lots of opportunities to utilize the crypt. Thus, an increasing number of it was found in the sphere of renting and purchasing the property.

Why we choose the Platform

AVAILCOM is a program that is made to accelerate and simplify the procedure of renting property. Its primary goal is usually to facilitate your daily life to make sure that you don't waste your precious time on pointless meetings, which entails saving cash and time.

Our society keeps growing, and the primary ways of leasing home are obsolete. All techniques will be accelerated and simplified. The objective of our program is usually to facilitate your daily life to make sure that you do not waste your valuable amount of time in pointless meetings. We save money and time for you. Available & Comfort.Overview,AVAILCOM.

AVAILCOM is a program that will increase the search and leasing of any home, whether it's an apartment or an automobile, and also will eradicate a whole lot of client’s ordinary activities.

The rental industry turnover reaches $200 bln each year, but the means of renting property remain at a minimal level. Blockchain platform allows any guest to negotiate and lease property free from the dog owner without bureaucratic delays because of the made eco-environment. The dog owner, in his transform, will be confident in protecting his home.

We don't have the upper submit keyless turn in real estate - owners have the proper to opt for the method and the deadline themselves. Otherwise, they'll lose almost all of the potential clients as a result of a complication

Developers of the program AVAILCOM intend to incorporate private companies and those who are engaged found in the rental of property and vehicles. Consequently, providing ease to its users, merging all of them in one place, about the same platform.

The introduction of affordable payment options for all sorts of services, including using crypto-currencies through its payment system, provides the project with additional profit and donate to the production of the project.

Details of the ICO

Within the ICO, exclusive sales will be conducted. The time from August 15 to September 15, 2018. The cash raised during this period will go directly to the preliminary and market, as well concerning launch the Alpha variant of the platform.

Private sale will need place solely in the set of invitations.
The minimal input is 5 ETH. After August 15, the minimum entry value is 10 ETH.

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