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Medical data are fragmented on various incompatible systems the lack of wide open markets for the therapeutic data trading. Today, any products or personal goods like petroleum futures, corn, treasured metals and possibly carbon dioxide are publicly sold by lenders and persons all over the environment.
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Subsequently, now there is simply no open industry for medical info trading which is needed for exploration to improve treatment techniques, medicines, etc.

Facts Systematization into a sole business and data format might ensure an efficient exchange of patients’ data between themes due to well while convenient and swift search and control of information about their well-being. By collecting and structuring medical info in one place, the Apollonia environment let’s all interested analysts buy therapeutic info (just with the patient's permission) according to desires and goals of the research.

Open up market segments for many of this info will reduce costs and offer impetus for discoveries and innovations. Creating many of this program can be comparable to an open and translucent health info network. Creation of many of these marketplaces will enable both persons and wellness systems to monetize info they receive.

Data Security and Authenticity, due to good due to frequent fraud circumstances.

Annually hacking of personal data causes damage worth of millions of dollars. The just about all significant moral and materials damage affects people or corporations. Medicine Prescription Fraud. Nowadays each establishment features its electronic medication which significantly complicates synchronization of medical data of all pharmacies and different services. It causes delays and functions as a basis for deceitful schemes. Fake prescription drugs,Apollonia.

It is estimated that in the least 1% of all drugs on the safest market segments of the environment are fake. On average, this volume usually is about 30%. And in places like Africa, the percentage of phony prescription drugs is usually up to 70 %. All of this causes twelve-monthly damage of additional than 200 billion us dollars. Conditions of insurance companies receiving incorrect and unreliable info both from doctors and clients.

Designated Solutions

Apollonia provides transparency of medication issuing, and each institution may see all the methods associated with a special medication, from creating it again to the undertaking, that eliminates potential frauds.

The ecosystem also provides doctors, patients, and pharmacies with the ability to enter into third-party smart contracts. It ensures safeness and reliability of the doing work method with certain drugs. In the near possible future, Apollonia will create a secure and unalterable resource of data that permits to monitor products along with an indissoluble supply sequence and prevent counterfeit and phony drugs from convenient stepping into a client market.

Since the collection, structuring and storage of medical data are one of the key tasks of the Apollonia ecosystem, doctors and clinics will be able to access all available medical information of the patient. It will cause considerably more correct diagnoses and optimal treatment, thus minimizing the risk of critical skilled problems.

Thanks to gain access to info on outbreaks of specific ailments on one side and gain access to groups of folks in various countries on the other side, Apollonia might come to be able to inform the people about preventive procedures and also to inspire persons to work with necessary medicines or vaccination.

Apollonia ensures the steadiness and validity of the info. It eliminates the opportunity of fraudulence which damages various market members, for the model, insurance corporations,Apollonia.

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