Huge competition with VANTA and Allbit.

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Good afternoon friends.

As I said earlier, there are very few decent projects on the cryptocurrency market for investing your funds.

But still, there are some projects that are worthy of attention.

I have already told you that the Vanta Network has announced a listing on the Allbit crypt-currency exchange.

But the team did more. They staged a competition, with what you can get good bonuses.

Participation in the competition is very simple and does not require special skills.

Ok, a few words about participating in Project5 by Allbit x Upbit.

First of all you need to sign up on the Allbit Exchange.

Next step to create a new Allbit wallet.

Next, look for VNT then click [Transfer] to create the deposit address, than you need to vote Vote for the Project5 Competition Event.

There are some interesting link for you: ,;u=1274779