Jeff Koons, the Koons Family Institute and the ICMEC (International Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

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I’m new here and these are reposts from as I feel they are getting buried quickly. Maybe I'm in the wrong time zone or have bad timing just as the latest "SMOKING GUN" drops.

Please, check this out.

This is an add on to Pleading the Yiff’s post

I looked into the ICMEC a little bit more and want to share a few notable things I found.

  1. The ICMEC (International Center for Missing and Exploited Children) It turns out that Jeff Koons is more involved with the ICMEC than most people realize. In fact he is on the Board of Directors

  2. It doesn’t end there, the ICMEC has a research wing headed by Justine and Jeff Koons – The Koons Family Institute

  3. The Koons Family institute focusses on research into child trafficking and child abuse as well as creating legislation to combat child pornography.
    PDF file:

  4. Pictured with the Koons in this photograph is Maura Harty who worked at the State Department from 2002-2008 as Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs. Harty also worked at the Office of Children’s Issues (develops and coordinates policies and programs related to international child abduction) now works as CEO of ICMEC.

Wikipedia Bio:

US State Department Bio:

  1. The ICMEC was created largely due to the Dutroux Case.

In this photograph from the ICMEC website we see Hillary Clinton and the text below champions ICMEC’s role prevention of child trafficking, abuse and exploitation.

  1. The board of directors at ICMEC is a long list and I haven’t dug very deep into the other members but something that stuck out was Costas Yannapoulos of Smile of the Child a Greek anti-child trafficking organization (probably worth investigating further).

This website is in Greek. I have not read anything suspicious or unsavory about this organization I just think it should be looked into, especially considering what we are starting to see concerning these ‘anti-trafficking’ organizations.
I did a quick search in English for Smile of the children and the firs image that came up was this one (Smile of a Child).

This is in relation to a fundraiser “Smile of a Child tv”
Maybe it is completely unrelated to “Smile of the Child”

  1. Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that several PDF documents concerning Koons/Koons Family Institute are ‘unavailable’ at this time.

So, we have ties from the State Department and Clinton to the ICMEC and previous diggers have connected Koons, Alefantis and Brock.

Furthermore, ICMEC and NCMEC have an obvious bond and through the NCMEC we have connections to Laura Silsby (arrested by Haitian police trying to extract 33 children at the border of the Dominican Republic). Perhaps these connections explain the intense interest displayed by Clinton and the State department regarding Silsby’s arrest.

Via Wikileaks:
Arrest of 10 AMCITs / 33 children Haiti / Dom. Rep
Judge releases missionaries in relation to child kidnapping in Haiti
Haiti / mission plan to take 100 children to DR

I hope this contributes to the body of great research you’ve all done.
I have other strands of investigation that I plan on adding to the discussion soon and I intend to dig deeper into the connections here. Please dive on in and help. I think there is more to discover here!


Important question: Why do we hear nothing from the many many child protection agencies -- either dismissing the suspicions, or vowing to examine the situation? Why the silence? Unless they speak up how can we not assume that they are all complicit?

Thank you so very much for posting this which I came across when I was going to post a few things on the subject myself. Here's some info from Reddit:
"Dark 'artworld' and pedophile connections to The International Centre for Missing and Expolited Children. The involvement of Hillary, Jeff Koons, Richard Branson, Abramovic"

I'm certainly not a fan of Koons' artwork. Here is a selection at Getty Images.

There is also this infamous one - the censored version - which Alefantis posted on his instagram:

Lady Gaga's ArtPop:

Along with RxArt CT Scanner for Advocate Children's Hospital:

It's also interesting to see Cherie Blair in the frame with her close friend Hillary Clinton at ICMEC. I'm going to have to pull together my previous research on their most interesting connections.

Also, is it just me or does the logo for Smile of a Child TV appear to be sort of MKUltra-ish and a bit similar to one of the 'known' FBI paedophile symbols?

"Smile of a Child TV " may be unrelated to "Smile of the Child" but it bears taking a closer look at in my opinion.

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