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RE: Thru-hiking Skógar to Leirubakki: the longest marked trek in Iceland

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hey dear @dhimmel, very nice post! Iceland must be a fantastic place, I imagine it green in summer and white in winter, with these volcanoes that continually "sing" some songs !! did you feel any shock? what season did you go to?
I don't know if I would be so intrepid to camp in the cold, do you have to bring your tent in the camps or do you find some hut where you can stay with your sleeping bag?
congratulation for your curie vote, for your beautiful pictures and for all the details you gave us :-))


I brought my tent and didn't stay in huts. You can stay in huts, but it's more expensive and limits where you can stay. Since I generally just hike until I'm tired, I prefer to not have to plan where to sleep. Many other hikers come in with an exact itinerary, but I think that's a mistake, since it takes more planning and limits your freedom on the trail.

yes, in this sense you are right, you have absolute freedom of movement. but you must also be well prepared and equipped! Did you learn everything by yourself or did you do some mountaineering courses?

No mountaineering courses, but I'm not sure any of my hike was extreme enough to qualify as mountaineering. Lot's of my skills I've learned from past hikes, like the John Muir Trail with @trang or the Tour des Aiguilles Rouges.

Also I read r/ulgralight and watch many YouTube videos. For example, before getting the pot / stove I used for this trip, I watched every related video on this channel. It is common for me to research a piece of gear for several weeks, while considering its synergy with my existing and future gear, before I am ready to pull the trigger on a purchase.

in short, you are a really self-taught optimist !! optimistic in the sense that you are able to arrange yourself in what you need and you have enough confidence in yourself to think that it will work !! good, I do not know if I would trust myself and my choices to make a difficult excursion in the mountains for many days !!